Magnetic Therapy for the Older Dog

Older dogs suffer from many of the same ‘old-age’ complaints as we do and the most common one of these is arthritis.  It is heart-breaking to see your senior pal hobbling painfully around the park and the usual solution is to rush off to the vet’s and spend a fortune on pain-relieving medications for the dog.  Unfortunately, the medicines that the vet prescribes, whilst effective, often come with side-effects such as diarrhoea or gastrointestinal bleeding.

Many dog-owners are understandably keen to avoid these added complications and look for other ways of helping their dogs which is why, as a responsible, professional London dog walker, I’ve provided a little information on an alternative option.

Magnetic Therapy Collars

For dogs suffering from arthritis, joint pain and even hip dysplasia, an alternative solution to traditional medication in recent years has been the use of magnetic therapy collars.  These are certainly much cheaper than the average vet’s consultation fee.  They are sold in some pet stores and through online companies, come in various colours and are generally made of webbing, so they’re reasonably comfortable for a dog to wear.  You can even get magnetic blankets, pads or dog coats.

Enhancing blood circulation

Magnetic dog collars improve the blood circulation in the animal, by carrying more nutrients and oxygen to the cells of the dog’s body. As a result of this improved blood flow, pain is reduced and damaged, tired tissues are revitalised. Magnetic therapy products are said to work using reverse polarity magnetic technology with the magnetic field travelling around the body.  Manufacturers recommend that a magnetic collar is worn as close to the skin as possible to maximise the effect. They are said to be safe for use on micro-chipped dogs.

Long term use gives results

People have been wearing magnets to treat their own ailments for many years and clearly swear by their therapeutic effects, but could this be just a placebo effect?  The power of positive thinking can often play a part in recovery from illness or relief from pain but, of course, this cannot apply in the case of animals.  A dog will respond to treatment much quicker than humans and it is true that many dog-owners speak highly of the perceived benefits which a magnetic collar has brought for their dog.  Some even claim that their old dog suddenly has a new lease of life, increased energy levels and is able to get around more comfortably in ways it previously couldn’t.

As research and development of magnetic therapy for animals continues, experiments show that they are also effective during recovery from surgery and injury, and in aiding epilepsy and travel sickness in dogs. Even more good news is that the use of magnetic therapy produces no toxic effects. While they are certainly not a cure all for every medical issue, they are certainly an inexpensive and safe alternative to help your pets who suffer from chronic conditions.

Whilst the judge and jury are still out on the subject of whether or not magnetic therapy works, there can be no doubt that it is a widely used solution to the old age problems of dogs and people.  And perhaps any solution, providing it causes no harm or adverse effect to the animal, is surely worth a try.

There are many magnetic therapy solutions available to buy, both on the high street and on the internet. Do your own research to discover which is best for your pet.


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