Microchipping Dogs Becomes Law

Micro chipping the dogs

Dog is one of the most faithful companion of a man. He becomes man’s partner in his moments of grief and sorrow. A dog owner’s worst fear is parting with his beloved dog. Here, at Finchley Dog Walker, realise this and are happy with government’s new legislation of micro chipping each dog. The requirement of Compulsory Micro chipping will be enforced from the April of 2016. It is one of the measures of security taken by the Government to ensure the safety of the dogs. The law has made it compulsory for every dog to be micro chipped by the time they are 8 weeks old. The failure to comply may result in a fine of up to 500 pounds. Microchip is basically the size of a grain of rice and is inserted on the back of the neck of the dog. This is done to make the identification of the dogs easier. The microchip contains all the relevant details of the dog and the owner including the name, address and the contact number. All of this is recorded on a microchip data base registry. The owners are required to up-date their information so that in case of mishap, they could be contacted.

There has been a debate on the possible implications of micro chipping the dogs but the benefits clearly outweigh the costs. Here are some of the advantages of micro chipping your dog.

Chances of getting lost will be decreased manifold

The clearest reason of micro chipping your dog is that in case of any mishap, it will be far easier to find it. Each dog has a special identification number which can easily be found out by passing a microchip render over the area. This will easily identify the dog and safely get it to its owner.

Peace of mind

The major psychological advantage of micro chipping would be the peace of mind for the owner. The owner can now just relax and not worry about the dog so much. It gives lots of freedom to them regarding their dog and makes dog walking a very safe option. It also makes us, the dog walkers, happy as we equally care about your dog.

Every new technology brings with it some risks and repercussions. Here are some of the reservations of micro chipping your dog:


Although the process is quick and short, it is somewhat painful. Some dogs may flinch but the pain is quite short-lived and the dog forgets it in a little while. The procedure is just like a vaccination and the pain can easily be endured.


In the process of micro chipping, some allergies may be contracted by the dog. Proper Veterinary doctors should be contacted for the procedure and appropriate guidelines must be followed.

The micro chipping will also make life much easier for dog walkers in London. It makes it easier to locate and identify dogs. Now, you do not need to worry about your dog getting lost. We care about your dog as much as you do!

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