NARPS Membership – What You Need to Know

logo NARPSWhen you’re entrusting your beloved dog to a dog walker or pet sitter you need to know that you’ve picked the right one and we at Finchley Dog Walker know how important this is and how daunting it can be making the right choice.  Fortunately there is a well respected national organisation which exists to assist you in making that choice.


The National Association of Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers, or NARPSUK, has strict rules which all members must abide by.  A person who is awarded a license from NARPSUK can show that they are of the utmost professionalism and in possession of a great deal of knowledge in their subject, so dog owners can be reassured that their pet is in safe hands.  And as a part of the International Society of Animal Professionals, or ISAP, the association demonstrates its commitment to the very highest standards of animal welfare and customer service.

Asking for proof

Just as you would not leave a child in the care of someone who has not been vetted, so it is with your dog, and when choosing a pet sitting or dog walking service you should first ask to see a current issue of a NARPSUK certificate.  This will tell you that the person who is to take care of your dog has been CRB checked; a vital requirement if this person is to have access to your home in order to look after your dog whilst you are out at work.  A person, or company, who holds a NARPSUK license will have completed the required training courses such as the Lantra accredited Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business Course.  (Lantra is the premier national provider of land based environmental business courses.)   A NARPSUK license also confirms that the company or person has the appropriate insurance in place to cover all eventualities while they are taking care of your dog.  Always ask to see a current, valid insurance certificate.

Checking online

The first easy step to finding a NARPSUK registered company is to look on the internet and click on and enter your postcode to find services nearest to you.  You will also discover that they list companies which offer services such as home boarding, pet taxi services and day care for cats and caged pets as well as dogs.   If you are thinking of using a home boarding service then check that they have the appropriate local authority license.  This website also enables you to check out clients’ reviews and feedback to assist you in your choice.

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