National Picnic Month

Having a pet-friendly picnic

With the weather getting warmer and sunnier July is known for being the national picnic month  Weather you are having a picnic in your local park for some beauty spot following government guidelines or in the garden with just the family it is important to remember that your dog will want to join in the fun and why shouldn’t he?

Below are r a few safety tips to ensure everyone has fun and enjoys the picnic


The picnic bag.

As we all know most dogs are food motivated and will try and scavenge.  Therefore, make sure whatever picnic bag you use can be secured in some way either by zips or straps to keep curious noses out

Choosing the best spot

Whilst we tend to pick nice sunny spots to have a picnic it is important to remember that your four-legged friend will struggle in the sun as they cannot sweat in the same way

Consider a shady spot for our picnic so that your four-legged friend can shelter in the shade  This will also help keep the food cool as well as reduce the risk of sunburn and skin cancer   If there is no shady spot then consider taking along a sun shelter such as a gazebo

The best food to take on a dog-friendly picnic

As previously mentioned dogs are always interested in what we are eating  Try and leave out foods that are dangerous for dogs if possible

Remember to let the food go down before you and your dog go for so an exercise.  The recommended time is around an hour

Take along your dogs favourite toy

Another option to consider whilst having a picnic is to use some kind of puzzle feeder to both feed them whilst you are eating as well as keeping the distracted and entertained

Stay cool

Dogs do not like heat s it is important to help them stay cool.  The first step is to either find a shady area or provide some kind of shade.  It is also important to make sure that your dog has access to plenty of clean drinking water.  It is probably also worth considering taking along a cooling mat

Pollen alert

As mentioned in our summer dangers article pets are just as vulnerable to hay fever and other seasonal allergies  If your dog does suffer then try and avoid areas with long grass etc.  If your pet takes any form of medicine to help, then ensure this is taken before you leave for the picnic


Go for a walk and play games before eating

If the weather is cool enough then take them for a walk and play some games before you have your picnic.  This will help them settle down to a nice treat whilst you have your picnic


Finally, remember to make sure that bones grapes chocolates etc are kept out of the way of your dog and that you take all litter hoe – leave nothing but your footsteps

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