October- National Home Security Month

October- National Home Security Month – make sure your home and pets are safe

home-security-pet October- National Home Security MonthThis month sees the annual NHSM (National Home Security Month) drive to bring home the hard hitting facts of the importance of adequate home security, as well as promoting various security products, suggesting tips and hints to enable householders to keep their properties, possessions and families safe as the nights get darker.

Security isn’t always the first thought on our minds when we leave our homes unoccupied. We have busy lives, with responsibilities of family, school runs and work, which means it’s not always possible to be at home and to protect them from unwanted breaches of security. Recent research states that burglaries rise by an enormous percentage when the clocks go back at the end of October and even though you might consider your property to be burglar-proof, the experienced criminals today are more savvy and disrespectful than ever before when unlawfully entering your home.

It only takes one, unscrupulous thief to watch your movements, if you’re walking your dog at the same time each night, to spot that you switch off your lights and leave your property, to risk a break in and steal your possessions.

Hints to make your home burglar proof

  • Even if you are only going to be out of the house for a few minutes, close and lock all windows and doors
  • A burglar spots a house in darkness as an empty house – if it’s going to be dark before you return home, leave a light on, or use a timer on a table lamp
  • Never leave the keys to your car near to windows, doors or even letterbox
  • Remove your valuables from sight, locked away securely if possible
  • If you have a house alarm, always set it when you leave. Don’t think “I’m only popping out to walk the dog for ten mins it will be fine!”
  • A burglar is less likely to break into a property that has a CCTV camera, or a barking dog!

Burglars hate dogs!

A dog that barks when someone approaches your house, is a deterrent to any burglar. A barking dog will cause your neighbours to look out to see why the noisy dog is barking and in turn, scare off any would be thieves. Even if you don’t actually have a dog, put a “beware of the dog sign” on your gate, and it will certainly give any burglars a second thought.

Keep your dog safe

Of course, as well as keeping our homes safe from theft, we also need to protect our precious pets. Dog theft crime is on the increase, with many organised gangs working together, waiting for an opportune time to steal your dog. There are many things you can do to protect your pet from being a victim of theft and limiting the opportunities for anyone to have easy access to your dog should be high on your list of priorities. Never leave your dog alone in the garden and make sure that you have secure fences with a gate that locks. Likewise, don’t leave your dog alone tied up outside a shop, as more canine thefts happen this way.

If you’re out walking your dog in the dark, make sure that he is kept safely on a lead and isn’t allowed to wander off, where he could easily get lost or potentially be lured away by a thief.

The end of October, as we head towards Halloween then Bonfire Night, is one of the worst periods of the year for property burglaries. If possible, take advice on keeping not only your home and property safe from theft, but also your much loved pets.


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