Pet Care with a Difference.


As a Finchley dog walker I’ve been walking and caring for peoples’ dogs for a few years now and, I hope, have given and continue to give a great service to all my clients and their beloved pooches.
I’ve noticed that the dog walking industry (for want of a better word) is at last evolving into something more than just a stroll round the park. The move now is more towards a wider sphere of caring – a tailored or bespoke kind of caring and I’m very pleased to see that other North London dog walkers are now catching up to me, for bespoke care is what I’ve always given my clients.

Variation on a Theme!

Right from the start I have prided myself on giving my clients’ dogs a good variety of walks. I am lucky enough to have close access to fields, woods and parks, to give the dogs in my care a really interesting and fulfilling walk – one which will send them back home happy and tired out. I have also made clear that I never walk more than three dogs at a time, as I believe that any dog walker that thinks they can safely handle a larger number of dogs is kidding themselves and not giving their charges their full attention. I also do one-to-one walks, because I know that some dogs don’t like to be with other dogs, whether through nervousness or aggression. A dog which needs extra training or extra reassurance works much better without distractions.

This is just a small part of the bespoke, individual care that I offer my clients. I am more than happy to conduct basic or ongoing training during walks and I work closely with Sue at TipTop dog training school too. We pride ourselves on employing only positive reward methods.

I also offer pet sitting services, doggy day care, vet visits for those who can’t get there, plus small animal boarding. I will take care of a dog’s exercise needs when its owner is too ill or infirm to walk themselves and I love to think that this service is as much of a helping hand for my local community as it is enjoyable for me.

I Love What I Do!

I want all my clients, whether owners of giant slobbery pooches, delicate tiny toy dogs or any other assorted furries, to feel that their pets are cared for and safe while with me because I love their animals as much as I love mine. That is my reason for doing what I do

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