Pet Theft Awareness Week – March 14th – March 21st

Pet theft awareness week – Are you Pet Theft Aware?

The theft of a pet is becoming increasing common and with incidents on the rise the best thing to do is arm yourself with the information needed to prevent this from happening to your beloved companion. Being more knowledgeable on the subject not only protects your own pet but by sharing this awareness also educates others, protecting more animals and discouraging thieves. This is why pet theft awareness week was created – to help share information with the aim to help pet owners become more informed of the issues surrounding the security of their pets.

The history of pet theft awareness week

Pet theft awareness week was set up by Arnot Wilson and Richard Jorden after social media was used on a large scale to help locate a missing dog. With no information provided by government or local authorities pet awareness week steps into provide information to pet owners regarding the safety of their animals. Working together with different organisations such as Viovet, The Dog Union, Vets Get Scanning and, they are a non-profit organisation and a member of the Stolen and Missing Pets Alliance.

A wealth of resources aimed at keeping your pet safe

Pet awareness week takes place this week, and Gundog theft Awareness week takes place in October and has four main aims. Firstly the prevention of pet theft through awareness, this includes the use of social media, posters, case studies and downloadable resources to be displayed in settings with animals such as vets and riding stables. These resources are used to inform people on the dangers of thieves and ways to take care of their animals and the environment in which they live. It includes things to look out for and ways to prevent becoming a target and a victim of crime.

Pet awareness week also offers information to assist the victims of pet crime. They provide instructions on what to do if your animal is stolen, including who to inform, how to arrange searches and who to include. If offers guidance for using social media in the event of a theft and useful websites. It also campaigns for the reclassification of pet theft. The founders of pet theft awareness week want the law to recognise pets as ‘valued living possession’ and to enforce stricter laws surrounding thieves with custodial sentences to discourage thefts from taking place.

Pet awareness week not only wants to educate animal owners but reunite families with missing pets by campaigning to increase microchip scanning by making it compulsory and by participating in pet theft awareness week you’re not only arming yourself with the information needed to reduce pet theft but decreasing the risk in becoming targeted yourself. By sharing this information more people will become vigilant ensuing that more pets remain with their loving owners.


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