Peace of mind for Our Dog Owners!

footer-logo VetPhone As a dog lover, and dog owner myself, with a lifetime of experience of being round dogs, one of the most worrying times is when your lively pooch becomes unwell. If you’ve entrusted your beloved canine friend to me for his exercise, you need to have peace of mind that if your beloved pet appears off colour when he or she is in my care, I can take action to help. Of course, you’ll already trust me to keep a vigilant eye on all the dogs that are with me at any one time, and my knowledge of dogs generally and the dogs I look after specifically, means that I’m able to spot if one of them is a little out of sorts. Now, I’m pleased to announce that I can offer you even more peace of mind, with access to Vetfone

As a member of NARPS UK – the National Association of Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers , Finchley Dog Walker now has access to Vetfone which is a 24 hour advice line staffed by RCVS trained veterinary nurses and available to offer me advice if at any time I become concerned about your dog. Through my membership of NARPS UK, I have access to this service for free.

This means that while your dogs are in my care, you should have complete peace of mind that should anything happen to them or if I become concerned about them, I can call Vetfone immediately and speak to a qualified professional. Vetfone can also help me decide if your dog needs to see a vet immediately, or if there are steps I can take to look after him or her first to see if the situation improves, thus avoiding the need for what can often be costly vet visits. This service will be particularly helpful if I’m looking after your dog outside of normal ‘office’ hours when it’s otherwise difficult to get advice without calling out the vet or visiting an out of hours surgery. Of course there will always be situations where going to the vet is the best and first course of action, but in less serious cases, or where there is nothing specific, but a more general concern that I have, I should be able to access professional advice, quickly: Great for your dog, you and me too!

As a normal member of the public you can access vetfone on 01728 727673 (fixed fee £12.50)

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