Dogs in winter

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Winter and the challenges that come with it can be hard work for everyone, and your dog is no different. That huge change in routine is something that takes them by surprise, and if you don’t handle it well, this can lead to a dog that is stressed and unpredictable.

The following tips should help you take care of the situation, and have a dog that handles the season easily.

Your first real job is to ensure that your dog is able to handle the changes in weather. This is particularly important with all the adverse weather many parts of the country are experiencing at the moment. Take the dog out so that he or she can understand why they may not be going out as regularly during the holiday season. This is very important for short hair breeds, which simply do not have the kind of protection that longer-haired dogs do in the adverse conditions.

Another aspect of preparing your dog for the winter is their coat. You would be surprised at how many people clip or shave their dog down to the skin. This is their coat for the winter, and it needs to be preserved and looked after, rather than cut back. Never make the mistake of giving your dog a severe haircut in wintertime. The coat provides incredible levels of insulation and warmth for them. If you happen to have a shorthaired dog, you need to also take care of their needs too and you would be well advised to consider buying them a coat. There are excellent coats available in pet shops around the country, so you should be able to find a suitable one that will keep your pet warm.

If you do a lot of driving, and your dog accompanies you, please ensure not to leave them in the car for too long. You will hear all throughout the summer that dogs die in hot cars, but they can also suffer terribly in cold cars. Cars get very cold in the winter and having a dog in there for an extended period of time means your dog can effectively be frozen. Take care of your pet and ensure that you do not leave them in a cold car for more than a few minutes.

Dogs get lost in snow On to more serious aspects of safety now. When you take your dog for a walk in the winter, and it happens to be snowing heavily, either don’t bother going out or think carefully about how you handle your dog in this extreme weather. Let your dog run off in a snow blizzard for example, and this includes even a mild one, can mean that you will lose them, or the dog will lose their way.

Dogs often get disorientated in snow; this can lead to them running out onto a road or finding themselves lost. You be well advised to ensure that your dog has good tags and if you can chip them, all the better. Dogs are easy to lose in the snow, and this is something worth thinking about if you like taking a walk often in the winter. So those are a few tips for looking after your dog in the wintertime. It’s a lovely and exciting time of year, but it can also be challenging too. Take care of your dog, and ensure that you do your very best to make sure they are safe, and warm and dry in this challenging season.

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