Benefits of Hiring a Professional House Sitter

puppy-2592307_640-300x200 Benefits of Hiring a Professional House SitterEveryone needs a holiday. However, sometimes we cannot take our pets along too.  Many pet owners often face the problem of where to leave their pets. Do you leave your cat at a cattery or your dog in kennels? Do you leave them with a relative or ask your neighbour to pop in and feed the cat? Do you send the dog to stay in a pet sitter home? This often-agonizing decision can cause lots of distress and heartache, not only for your pet but also for you, the owner.

The best choice for your dog/cat or another animal (s)

Many pets are really attached to their owners and have their home comforts and routine. When you need to leave town for a business meeting or a hospital appointment, the last thing you want to worry about is your pet’s state of mind and welfare. A Housesitter will care for your pet in your own home, feed them, exercise and walk them and no doubt spoil your cat or dog without your pet leaving their home environment. Many pets can suffer from anxieties and stress, but having someone staying in their home with them can ensure your pet is much happier and healthier.

Hiring a professional house sitter maybe your best option

Reason 1 – Cost

Using a cattery or kennel for your pet’s holiday can run into hundreds of pounds. Consider the more cost-effective charges for a professional house-sitting service. Ask today for a quote, and you will be surprised just how much money you will actually save.

Reason 2 – Security

Welcoming a trusted house-sitter into your home can provide 24-hour security. Providing a deterrent to any burglars who prey on empty homes and ensuring that doors and windows are locked, curtains closed and opened, and lights switch on and off in your home. Even the small job of taking your mail off the doormat and putting out your rubbish bins can discourage any unwanted callers to your home.

Reason 3 – Home maintenance

Of course, we won’t decorate your home while you’re on holiday, but even so, we are happy to run the vacuum over the carpets and water your plants. We are on hand to notice any maintenance issues, such as leaking pipes or storm damage, especially as many insurance companies won’t cover your home if you’re away for long periods of time.

Reason 4 – Stress-free pets

Certainly, many catteries and kennels are brilliant places to leave your pets, but many animals can be unhappy in strange surroundings just the unfamiliar smells and sounds are a lot for any animal to deal with

A pet’s physiology can be affected if he’s stressed, anxious and missing out on your undivided attention. Boarding accommodation can be very busy, where pets are often left to their own devices and miss out on their home comforts.

Reason 5 – Pet medical care

If you have a cat or dog that requires medication daily or is perhaps an older pet, we are trained to administer treatment and medicines. We are also both human and pet first-aid trained in case of an emergency. We know how to handle an ageing dog and lift them without hurting them. We can act as in-house carers for your ailing pets and give you regular updates on their health status.

Reason 6 – Keep to routines

Even tiny adjustments to an animal’s routine can throw him off sync. Do you let your dog into the garden early in the morning to go pee, or give your kitty a treat at a certain time of the day? Pets thrive on routines, and they can become depressed if things change. As professional house-sitters, it’s our directive to be there for your pets. We walk your dog frequently and play if it’s playtime. We also stick to your house routine too, like putting out the bins on a certain day.

Finally, one important thing you will get for sure if you hire a professional house-sitter – is Peace of Mind! You can go away on business or holiday, knowing that a trusted person is caring for your pets and your home, with just as much love, attention, and care that you do.

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