Why Use a Dog Walker

Why Use a Dog Walker

A dog walker can be an extremely beneficial thing to look into in various circumstances where walking your dog is either impractical or something that you cannot commit to on a regular basis yourself due to work commitments, ill health, or simply lack of time. Dog walkers are generally self-employed, so prices can be negotiable to suit both sides.


When you own a dog, you have made a commitment to endeavour to take care of all the needs of the animal, and they will quickly enter your heart as a much-loved member of the family, so you will always want to do right by them. Dog walkers are people who share this love of the canine species and have made a living by doing what they enjoy, as payment is usually fairly inexpensive people do this occupation purely for the love of dogs and not as a financially worthy career. Thus you can pretty much guarantee your dog will be in the hands of someone who can be fully trusted to take care of them.

Most dog walkers will have a background in the animal industry and be pretty experienced to understand your dog’s needs and desires. The ability to handle a dog correctly both online and off lead is essential to make the experience pleasurable for all involved, and many dog walkers will be happy to show you their skills before anything is decided.

Larger and more energetic dog breeds such as the Labrador retriever or German shepherd have evolved over time from predominantly working dogs to now popular breeds within our home. They are now of a much different shape, physique and nature than when the Kennel Club first registered these breeds, yet they still need the regular stimulation, exercise and training to achieve their best potential. They are bred over generations to work, and when they are not stimulated, this is when unruly behaviour, aggression and even distemper can come into play. Large breeds of dogs are recommended to have at least two walks a day for a minimum of 30 minutes a time, both on lead and off the lead, and many people find the only option for this is a dog walker.

A dog walker will build up a relationship with your dog, and you will reap the rewards of this. Dogs of all breeds both enjoy and need regular exercise in order to be content and if you cannot do this yourself, hiring someone who can is the best way to keep your dog’s tail wagging! A well-exercised dog is much easier to train and also housebreak as their attentions are nowhere else, and they will have no pent up adrenaline, which is a major distraction to both genders of dog when it comes to training.

Dogs need social interaction as much as humans do and by hiring a dog walker you are ensuring your dog receives this, social interaction for dogs is not only character building and learning lessons it is also great fun for the animal and especially if you find a dog walker who walks in a group your dog will greatly benefit from this.

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