Hiring A Dog Walker

finchley-dog-walker-pet-profesional-300x210 Hiring A Dog WalkerThe Importance of Hiring a Fully Accredited Dog Walker in London

One of the most vulnerable members of our society is a dog. They also have one of the most trusting personalities that you will ever encounter. This means that they rely on us, their owners, for everything; protection, food, shelter and love – and we simply cannot let them down. If you’re in a position where you need to find a dog walker in London, maybe due to work commitments, ill health or simply lack of time, then this is something that requires a lot of consideration.

There a people out there who can advertise them as being a London based dog walker, they can make many promises and perhaps even show you photographs of dogs they claim to have walked. It is of the essence to investigate everything they say. Ask for photographs with them in the picture, previous clients contact details or accessible testimonials. You would thoroughly investigate someone you trusted your child with, your dogs care should be no different. The fact is, a dog cannot tell you what’s going on and so it’s you who needs to make sure that nothing untoward will do.

It’s a sad fact that dogfighting, baiting, backstreet breeding and animal abuse is on the rise. People will try a whole number of tricks to get their hands on a dog that they like the look of and deem suitable for their desires. Maybe you have a beautiful King Charles Spaniel in the peak of their breeding life, you could own a muscular Staffordshire Bull Terrier which is a breed often used for fighting, or you could have a large but soft Olde English Sheepdog an undesirable person could use for dog baiting. In all my years of working as a professional dog walker in London, I’ve heard it all.

My advice is to protect both you and your dog from any unnecessary upset by firstly microchipping your dog – so that if the worst did happen, you could be reunited. But as with most things, prevention is always better than cure. Any dog walker will have a passion for dogs, or they’d simply not be in this line of work. This means, that a genuine  dog walker will not only happily answer, but expect you to ask them an abundance of questions  to help you choose your dog walker – such as:

  • How long have they been a dog walker in London – they should be well established with accessible testimonials
  • Do they have any breed restrictions – this can give you an idea if they are looking for a certain breed to suit their purposes
  • What are their training techniques – this may catch an unscrupulous person off guard
  • What dogs do they own – a genuine dog lover will embrace chat of this kind

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and the best person to go off is your dog. They’re a great judge of character and if they don’t trust someone, then you shouldn’t either.


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