Does My Dog Need a Jacket?

CameraZOOM-20131211091756064-225x300 Does My Dog Need a Jacket?Colder weather will soon be upon us, and we will be layering up for warmth when we head out to walk the pooches but have you stopped to consider your dog’s needs? Is it possible that your pup as well may need a little extra protection from the elements during the colder seasons? The answer to this question depends on several factors, including the breed of your dog, the weather of your local environment and the amount of time spent outdoors. Read on to help you determine whether or not your four legged friend should have a jacket for the season or not.

Canine Fashion Statements

Most people put their dogs in jackets and sweaters strictly to make a fashion statement and because it is fun to do. For some dogs though it is more than just a cute accessory and the outerwear is actually really required to keep them warm and comfortable whilst outdoors in colder weather.

Not every dog will require a jacket – some breeds have naturally very thick and ample coats to protect them from the cold and others are naturally acclimated to colder temperatures so it won’t be a necessary item for every dog.

Short Haired Dogs

Breeds of dogs that have particular short hair are likely to need extra weather protection in the winter. Shorter fur cannot keep away the cold and moisture of snow and other winter weather, which will make feel the cold faster. A thick sweater or jacket will ensure your pooch stays comfortable for the duration of outdoor time.

Small Breeds

Tiny dogs don’t fare the colder weather as well as larger breeds. And for the truly tiny, being so deep in snow can make the outdoors unbearable. Jackets are absolute necessities for our littlest four legged friends when romping about outside but they may even require a sweater of sorts indoors if your home is draughty or you’re trying to keep the heat low inside.

Old and Ailing Pets

When dogs get on the years or suffer from certain health conditions they will likely benefit from the additional warmth that a jacket or sweater provides. Older animals are less able to regulate and retain body temperature, which means extreme temperatures can make them very uncomfortable quickly. Animals with health conditions and illnesses have the same issue, especially dogs suffering from arthritis. Keeping them warm when outdoors will help with bone and joint discomfort and aid in keeping them dry in wet weather, which could make health deteriorate even further.

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