Winter Weather Grooming For Dogs

10551945_10204069697967558_70797792_n Winter Weather Grooming For Dogs

With the cold weather set in for the next few months, you can do plenty to keep your dog in tip-top condition and ensure they’re well protected from the elements. As a north London dog walker, I know only too well how well-groomed dog fares throughout the winter, so here are some tips for winter grooming.

Paw Protection

As you’d expect, the cold weather can drastically affect your dog’s paws during winter. Exposure to cold, snow, rain, mud and even anti-freeze chemicals and salt can cause irritation, cracked skin and infections on even the toughest of pads. Cleaning and drying your dog’s paws directly after walks is a great way to minimise the chances of irritation and cracks, so make sure you have a towel handy in your car or by the door.

Dog Bath time

You may worry about bathing your dog in the winter because of the cold but don’t be. They will be fine if your dog’s fur is completely dry before you head outside into the cold. Bathing dogs in winter is a great way to maintain good grooming habits, reduce doggy odours and keep longer coats in good condition.

Controlling the Mane

Keeping their coat in check is essential for many dog owners with longer-haired breeds. Most breeds won’t need to be trimmed during the colder months, but if you want to keep them looking dapper, opt for a longer cut or keep them extra warm with a dog coat.

Regular Brushing

Naturally, in winter, your dog’s hair is likely to become more tangled and matted as the coat is thicker and exposed to the elements, which makes daily brushing an essential part of your grooming routine. By brushing your dog’s coat daily, you’ll not only help it look more luxurious and healthy but also make fur shedding more manageable.

Flea Control

Whilst the colder weather will kill off most fleas outside, the pesky little blighters can survive for months in your dog’s coat or warm bedding, so it pays to remain vigilant with flea treatments during winter. Regularly washing bedding and hoovering areas where your dog spends time, as well as giving your dog regular flea treatment, will help to keep fleas from making an unwelcome appearance in your home.

Winter dog grooming doesn’t have to be too arduous. Just taking simple steps, such as drying your dog’s paws and regular brushing, will go a long way to keeping them in good condition until the springtime.

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