Doggy Babysitting

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One of the most worrying aspects of dog ownership is what to do with your dog when you’re out? There are many options, such as cages or having friends and family look after them, but what if your friends and family are those you’re going out with? If they’re not your companions for the evening asking a family member, or friend, is also a bit awkward sometimes, as it’s quite a big ask to expect them to cater to the needs of your dog, particularly if they’re not a dog lover.  You could opt for a stay in boarding kennels but you’d have to pay for an overnight stay, which can itself bring its own disadvantages, not least that it may cost you as much as your night out!

Evening dog care – doggy babysitting

This is where I can help. I offer a doggy babysitting service – from your home! Your dog is already having to part with you, but I can make the transition a little softer by ensuring they don’t need to part with anything else they are used to – such as the irreplaceable home comforts; their favourite armchair, cosy corner or love of your lino floor on hot summer nights.

Whilst I am looking after your dog, incorporating your feeding routines and training techniques, I will also take them for a walk if you wish. My service is mainly dog walking, and the reason for this is simply because it’s what I enjoy. After spending many years working in an office, I decided I wanted to spend my life doing what I love best. I find there is no bigger thrill than watching dogs explore, play and socialise.

Added security to your home#

Another comforting factor of having your dog cared for at home by me is that you don’t have to worry about security issues that come with leaving your home unoccupied whilst out. I can make your home looked occupied in such as opening and closing your curtains, leaving lights on and be seen coming in and out.

So next time you’re thinking of having a night out, why not think about hiring me to babysit your dog. You’ll enjoy your night out so much more, knowing your dog and home are both being well taken care of!

cost £30 for the evening  for up to up to 4 hours  doggy babysitting and is part of our pet sitting service