Daily pet care for dogs and other pets
racing-mouse-971532_640-300x200 Daily pet care for dogs and other pets

Our ‘Daily pet care for dogs and other pets is perfect for all pets (except snakes, sorry!). We can do it all with experience with exotic and domestic animals. We will update you with photos via Dropbox or WhatsApp – the choice is yours.

Like our cat-sitting service, all pet visits are individually tailored to your Pet’s temperament and needs. As a rule, we will ensure water bowls are refreshed and fed as appropriate and provide cuddles and mental stimulation.

Our pet sitting service also offers extra home security, as we can switch lights on/off, open/close the curtains, bring in the post, and give your home an ‘occupied’ look.

Please note that under the DEFRA Code of Practice, “Do not leave your dog unattended in situations, or for periods that are likely to cause them distress or render them unsafe”, we cannot visit your dog in the daytime, leaving them alone overnight. For dogs being left overnight or indeed any other animal you have concerns about being left alone at night, please see our Finchley Holiday care for dogs in your home package 

  • One visit per day: £12.00
  • Two visits per day (am & pm): £20.00
  • Three visits per day: £27.00


Evening Pet Sitting Services

finchley-pet-sitting Daily pet care for dogs and other pets

Are you going out for an evening meal or to celebrate a birthday? We can provide a tailored pet sitting service in your home,e giving you peace of mind to relax and enjoy your night.

I can take your dog for a walk, play games or just sit in with them, whatever you prefer. Why feel awkward asking a friend to help out when you can call in an experienced professional/

evening Pet sitting service in and around Finchley costs £10 per hour up to 11 pm, then £15 per hour.