Stay Safe on Woodland Walks

Stay Safe on Woodland Walks

With all this hot weather more and more people will be taking their dogs for walks in cool shady woody areas.

The Woodland Trust have put together some tips for walking in woodlands and staying safe

  1. Keep your Dog insight  – Woods are really exciting places for dogs and they can cover many acres of land.  Because they are exciting and contain good smells dogs can often get carried away.  it is important you make sure is in sight at all times and doesn’t wander off to far
  2. Know  your route – Try and stick to the paths where possible  and also make a note so you can find your way back to the entrance easily
  3. Never wear headphones – Whilst out walking your dog make sure you are not wearing headphones so that you remain alert  at all times to where your dog is, what is happening around you etc
  4. Be aware of wildlife- Dogs can disturb wildlife such as nesting birds and cattle. Be aware of wildlife and don’t disturb their personal space.  Woodland Trust signpost any sites that are of specific wildlife interest.  here in the UK we are lucky and do not have many poisonous animals but still be aware of the ones we have such as Adders
  5. Never let your dog chase wildlife or farm animals; it causes serious injuries and your dog could become lost, hit by a car or shot.
  6. Leave the woods as you find them – This includes closing gates behind you, and taking litter and dog mess home with you.  This helps to keep woodlands secure and safe for other dog walkers to enjoy

When out with your dog whether it be in the woods or in a local park.  Make sure you have a mobile phone with you in case of emergencies and make sure your pets name tag is up to date with the phone number (and the microchip) so that should he stray you can quickly be reunited. (See The Importance of keeping your details upto date)

Hopefully the above simple but very easy to follow points will help keep both you and your dog safe and allow others to enjoy the woods etc for many years to come

One of my favourite local woodlands is Coldfall woods. If you see me come and say hello