Favourite Dog Walks in North London

There are lots of places in and around North London to walk you four legged friends, and exploring somewhere new can be great fun for you and your dog. I love the outdoors – it’s actually one of the reasons I started as the Finchley Dog Walker, and there’s nothing more satisfying than taking my clients’ best friends on the best walks in the area.

Dollis Brook

My ultimate favourite is Dollis Brook – the walk itself is 10 miles long but can be cut into shorter routes and can be accessed by everyone including wheelchair users. The walk is a mixture of open spaces, woodland paths and nature trails. The different variety of trees, the mixture of wildlife and the brook itself, which forms into the river Brent, is nature at its finest. This walk gives each dog the freedom to run around, have a paddle and learn some new tricks, and it’s the ideal space to get physically active and stretch those furry legs!

Coldfall Wood

Coldfall Wood is another great walk, made up of 4 hectares of ancient woodland and playing fields and as such, it is full of adventure for both those with two and four legs. The open playing fields provide the opportunity and freedom for a huge run around providing excellent physical exercise for dogs. Everywhere you look natural beauty and wildlife surrounds you from huge oak trees to squirrels and birds, providing a relaxing walk for both. There are lots of events held throughout the year and a playground for children, so it’s a great walk for the whole family. The locality of Coldfall Woods is ideal for dog walking, and as it’s so local, the dogs get much more time to run around.

Highgate Woods

Packed full of history and adventure, Highgate Woods has numerous easily accessible and scenic woodland trails. 28 hectares of space holds a playground, adventure walks, toilet facilities and café, part of which is dog-friendly, making it one of the best dog walking locations in North London. This well looked after woodland brings nature to life with a variety of beautiful trees, flowers and woodland species in their natural habitat.

These peaceful walks in natural areas are relaxing for both walker and dog. Our furry friends get to experience running freely in areas away from the hazards of roads and obstacles and they can be both physically and mentally stimulated, meaning they’ll rest happily once they arrive back home with you.