Why dog walking is so good

dog-walking Why dog walking is so goodWhy dog walking is so good for your pet’s development

Our dogs are very important to us, and it is vital to their physical and mental condition that they are looked after properly. Many dog owners are still pretty much in the dark when looking after their dog’s physical and mental condition. Some aspects of their daily lives can directly affect how they feel physically and the emotions that they experience. This article is aimed at dog owners who want to ensure that they treat their animals with care and respect.

It is essential to understand that dogs are directly descended from wolves. Wolves and dogs have incredible amounts of energy. Containing or restricting energy is never a good thing, so the dog must be allowed to go outside and run about as often as possible. However, in the modern world of work, many people have to work long hours and can not give their dogs the walks they need.

The serotonin hormone that everyone understands helps to make people and animals feel better will be drastically reduced within your pet dog if they are not allowed to go for a walk. Therefore, you must find some way to structure your life so that you can regularly take your dog out for a walk.

Drastic consequences

The consequences of not doing so can be drastic. Dogs can tear furniture or chew personal possessions in your home due to their frustration at being unable to expend their energy. This is a real concern, and many dog owners who cannot take their dogs out find that their dogs become distracted and can even self-harm through sheer frustration and depression. If they can’t get rid of the energy, we are not treating these dogs as they need to be treated. They are physical animals, and they need to be physical.

During a walk, dogs can even meet other dogs and build up their confidence. Dogs can be social animals, and if you’re able to meet other dogs, this helps with those serotonin levels too. They can also toilet themselves when you’re out and about and generally stretch their legs. This leads to an overall happier dog. Frequent and long walks are the best thing a dog could have, no matter its size.

When you think about it, these lively animals have an incredible amount of energy destined to leave their systems.

By restricting energy, we do nothing but make them feel frustrated. Dog walking is therefore vital and fundamental to the happiness and physical well-being of the animal.

To get the best out of the situation, take responsibility and structure your life so that you or a professional dog walker can take care of your pet’s physical and emotional needs. It is the best thing for the animal and will lead to a more productive relationship between you and your trusted pet.

Here at Finchley Dog Walker, one of the services we provide is a working walk that your dog will love.

If this is something that you would be interested in, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.