Is it acceptable to feed people food to dogs?

Dog kibble never seems to be very appealing, and its quite boring feeding your dog the same meal day in day out. Kibble appears to be less nutritious and more processed than fresh products but remember that dogs need the correct balance of certain nutrients in their food. Phosphorous, Calcium and Taurine are all valuable ingredients in your pet’s meal and as a dog is a carnivore, its even more important that some meat is included in his daily diet.

If you’ve ever wondered if its Ok to feed human food to your dog – read on!

People have been feeding table leftovers to dogs for centuries – who can resist those pleading eyes at mealtimes? However, since commercial dog food arrived in the shops, sharing people food with our canines fell out of favour. These days, pet owners want more control over what their dogs are eating, to give them the best, nutritious food to keep them healthy for as long as possible.

Do your research

Of course, changing your dog’s diet can be one of the most rewarding challenges, but its vitally important to first do your homework. It’s a good idea to consult with your Vet before you make any huge changes and always make sure you know which food items are toxic when eaten by a dog.

Junk food is also bad for our dogs

The majority of people food items are also good for our pets. Its fine to feed them lean meat and fresh green, leafy vegetables. Common sense should tell you its not Ok to offer your pooch fries or many types of bread and grains. Keep them away from carbohydrates and pizza is a definite no-go!

Variety is the spice of life

Just as humans love a varied diet, so do our dogs. An array of different food types makes mealtimes interesting and is good for both mental and physical health. You will see a happier and more well-behaved dog. Create your dog’s meals using people food, switch up proteins and vegetables from time to time, offer him some tripe, or add an egg. These protein-rich additions are great for your dog’s well-being.

Picky eaters

Of course, it’s important to remember that if you feed your dog with only delicious, human food, there is a possibility he will at some point refuse to eat his own food. It doesn’t take a clever pooch very long to realise that if he holds out for long enough, his master will offer him a tasty titbit instead of his dry kibble. Many dog owners find that their pet will refuse his own dog food, but will happily eat chicken, lean beef or eggs. This behaviour can often be difficult to break, so be aware from the offset and offer a varied diet.

Safety tips when feeding people food

# Before you give your dog a human food, make sure its safe. (Check out our infographic if you’re unsure) Be aware of what he can and cannot eat and be cautious at all times.

# Don’t give your dog a diet of 100% human food. Its very important that he receives the correct balance of nutrients. Ensure that he eats a balanced diet consisting of both dog and people foodstuffs.

# Begin any changes to his diet slowly. Offer your dog small amounts to begin with and keep to food products that are similar to the contents of his kibble food.

# Offer your dog only food that you would eat yourself. Chicken skin, gristle and fat, that you would generally leave on your plate, are not for sharing with your pet.

A final warning

Before you share your meal with your dog, remember that many human foods are not only toxic to our pets but also bring about other concerns too. Choking hazards from bones that might splinter, raised salt levels, weight gain, Salmonella and E. coli bacterial poisoning and allergic reactions all need to be considered.

Every dog is unique, so bear in mind factors such as breed, activity levels, medical conditions, age, weight and size. All of these can have a bearing on the type and amounts of people food you can give to your dog.



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