Keeping Safe When Out

Your safety when you are out and about – paws for thought!

Some time ago I wrote an article on safe dog walking and having seen the following advice from Monica Morgan SRN,SCM,RNT ( retired) BHSAI . I have done a follow-up

If you are like me and enjoy going out walking the dogs in the country as it is natural therapy then consider the following points

  • Do you follow the standard lone walker procedure by telling people where you are going and roughly what time you will be back?
  • Do you walk alone with your dog?
  • What would happen if you slipped or had an accident (then call Accident helpline on xxx – oops time to be serious) after all it is very easy to slip in mud or trip over brambles or tree roots
  • What if you are mugged

Any of the above and more could leave you unconscious.  Whilst your dog may stay with you the chances are he will run back home or to the car as he panics taking his collar with him (assuming the collar as an alternative number to yours)

Have you thought about how easy it is to access any personal details such as an ICE card should this happen or is it in  a wallet somewhere deep in your pockets?

Whilst we all carry Mobile phones sand hopefully you have a contact saved as I.C.E if it is an iPhone or similar then the chances are it will be locked and not much use to anyone that finds you

The I.C.E Landyard for when you are out with your dogs

Consider purchasing a lanyard like you see the NHS wearing and other office workers which then contains your Emergency details (I.C.E)

This can be worn around your neck, or you could attach it to the dog lead or whistle or on a paracord bracelet

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