Autumn Dog Walking Tips

Be Safe and Wear Something Bright Whilst Dog Walking

I am sure that you have seen the advertising campaign that is aimed more at Young People to help keep us safe at night during the darker evening. However, this applies to everyone, including dog walkers. So always “Be seen at nightwear something bright!” is good to remember during these cool autumn nights (and dark mornings) when we love the weather, but sometimes have to walk in the dark. It’s also a great dictum for dog walkers. Our four-legged friends need to be safe, too, and there are many things we can do to keep them from harm’s way.

London dog walkers or any big city canine walkers must be especially careful about walking dogs in the dark. Dangers may lurk where you least expect them. Here are some autumn dog walking tips that you may want to consider when exercising during the dark hours:

  • Glow-in-the-dark collars, vests and leashes – So many products can be found online and in your favourite pet shop to ensure that you and your dog stay safe while walking in the dark.
  • Torch – Remember to tuck a small Torch in your jacket or pocket when you go out for a walk. This small and inexpensive tool can keep you from walking into potholes and keep your dog safe from other dogs that may not be on a lead or is able to be seen at night.  Nowadays, you can get some really good LED torches for a reasonable price, and that are bright.
  • Reflective tape – Placing strips of reflective tape on your clothing, shoes,  dog leads, or a dog’s garment can help make sure you and your pet can be seen during the dark walks.
  • Walk against traffic – This tip enables you to see traffic coming toward you and makes the odds better for them seeing you. However, wherever possible you should still walk on verges and pavements etc. rather than the road.
  • Have a plan – Plan where you’re going to take your pet(s) for a walk during dark mornings and evenings. When paths are familiar to both you and your dog, you have less chance of a mishap.
  • Wear light-coloured clothing – It’s very important that your clothing is light-coloured or sports strips of reflective tape. Help your dog remain safe by dressing him in a bright vest or sweater too.
  • Keep a tighter leash on your dog – It’s okay to let your dog have more freedom when walking during the daylight hours, but in the dark, it’s important that you keep dogs on a shorter lead to prevent them from roaming quite as much of safety precautions you take for you and your children. Keep them safe.
  • Be alert – staying alert is very important whilst out in the dark, whether it is with your dog or not.
  • Fully charged mobile phone  – every dog walker when out with their dog should carry a mobile phone in case of any problems.  This is is particularly important during the darker nights for both your safety and that of the dog.
  • Ensure your dog has an ID tag with up to date information in case the worst should happen and he gets lost in the dark.