Leaving Your Cat at Home

Tips On Leaving Your Cat Home When Going On Holiday

Depositphotos_4869272_L-744x1024 Leaving Your Cat at Home

At some point, you will want to go on holiday to recharge your batteries or spend some time with the family.

Apart from it being hard to leave your cat at home alone, it is also essential to make sure they are fed, cleaned and cared for whilst you are away.

Here are some tips on leaving your cat home when you go away

Hire a Professional Cat Sitter

Cats are pretty independent; most are okay with being left for a night or two. However, If you are going away for more than an overnight visit, you probably want to hire a professional pet sitter to care for your fur baby.

Make sure that you do your homework when choosing a pet sitter. Ask for references from previous clients and also check they have a DBS and are insured. After all, they will have access to your home.

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Opt For Boarding Facilities

Another similar but more expensive option to the above one is boarding facilities.

These facilities can ensure that your cat is cared for in your absence.

You can check for online reviews or ask someone you know about a boarding facility’s services. Additionally, you can tour the facility and ensure it has everything your buddy will require.

Take Care Of The Necessities Before You Leave

If you’re comfortable leaving your cat home alone, you should also ensure it has everything it needs.

Your cat is already sad about you leaving, so make sure it has the appropriate facilities to survive.

When feeding your cat daily, you can use automatic pet feeders and water dispensers for this purpose.

Fill them up and keep them in double amounts to ensure nothing unfortunate happens. Also, don’t forget to prepare the cat’s bed and clean the litter box.

However, leaving your cat alone is not a good option if you go for more than a few days, and you should consider a pet sitter.

Offer Entertainment

Remember that some, if not most, cats can get depressed and lonely if left alone. And they will miss you.

So. leave enough things in the house to entertain themselves before you go. It might help them feel more normal while you’re away.

These can include turning on the radio or TV, putting up a DVD, or showing your cat watches. Moreover, you can also open the blinds to watch the outside view, only if you’re leaving for a few hours.

Providing your cat’s favourite toys, like a cat tree, etc. and leaving some treats within reach is also a good idea to make it feel comfortable and secure.

Ensure Safety Precaution

Ensuring safety precautions is necessary, as leaving a cat alone is the same as leaving a baby.

So, you can guard your house to ensure your kitty is safe behind your back.

Also, it puts all the harmful things away from its reach. Unplug electricity sockets and try to stock the wires out, as you don’t want a shocked cat when you get home.

And we know the situation can worsen, so ensure your electric supplies are restrained.

Moreover, keep the inner doors open to prevent your cat from getting locked away.

To protect items in the house, put away any breakable objects, especially glass products, etc. Not only those, but also secure away flammable items to prevent your companion from doing anything that might “burn”.

Also, keep sharp things away from its reach.

Final Words

We understand the sorrow and worry accompanying your departure when you have to leave your favourite feline companion at home. But there’s always something you can do about it.

Especially if you are going for an extended period, say three to four days, you need someone to guard your cat and prevent it from suffering from separation anxiety.

Ensure you provide the necessary facilities and adequate attention, even when you’re not there to give it first-hand. These tips on leaving your cat home while on vacation will help you take care of your goofball better every time you go.

And when you return, your cat will run towards you, all happy to hug you!

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