Cat Sitting Services – Frequently Asked Questions

Many customers frequently ask me questions about my Cat Sitting Services. As a result, I’ve put together a list of the most general ones, although I cannot include every single query relating to cats, who are quite complex animals. I will do my best to adapt my services to suit your individual requirements when it comes to looking after your much-loved cat while you are away from home.

Untitled-design Cat Sitting Services – Frequently Asked Questions
Cat Behaviour Certificate

How soon do I need to book your cat-sitting services?

The best advice is to book once you know your confirmed holiday dates. My diary quickly becomes full of petsitting bookings, especially during peak holidays.

When will you visit my cat?

I will usually try and arrange an initial meeting to make your’s and your cat’s acquaintance. During this visit, we can discuss the number of daily visits and timings to establish a quick routine with your cat. In most circumstances, a once-daily visit will suffice for around 30 minutes, depending on your cat. Some cats don’t like much of a fuss and will only need to be fed and checked, whereas other cats crave more attention, and I’m pretty prepared to dedicate more time to playing, cuddling, socialising and grooming him.

Is it best to keep my cat indoors?

We all know that cats are unpredictable in their behaviour, and there is a possibility your cat, if he is an outdoor cat and comes and goes with access through a cat flap, may not even venture inside the house during my visit. I cannot control this, but I will stay for a reasonable time to try and coax him inside. I will, of course, change the litter as needed and put out fresh water and food.

If you have any concerns about your cat getting into trouble whilst you are away, then it may be best to keep your cat inside when you are away.;

Can you care for my cat, who has a medical condition?

I am happy to care for your cat, provided he has no contagious infections. I will administer medication adhering to your special instructions, but your responsibility is to ensure your cat has a clean bill of health before you depart. I will, of course, care for your cat in a proficient manner, but I am not a veterinary specialist.

What if my Pet becomes unwell?

I am prepared to take your cat to the vet’s surgery if he is unwell, but I normally do so only after I have contacted you on your emergency telephone number. In an emergency when I cannot contact you, I will consider the situation and take your cat for urgent veterinary attention.

Your home security and key holding

I do not wish to alert anyone that your house is empty, so my visits are quite discreet. I am happy to open and close curtains and turn on the lights during my visits, and I can pick up your mail from the door so it looks like someone is at home. I will need a set of keys to your home to allow access. However, I can collect a set of these when I meet you for our initial briefing. At the end of my scheduled visits, I can either post your keys back to you through your post box or retain them for future bookings, whichever you require.

Trust and reliance

I have been in the Pet sitting business for several years and have built up a respected client base willing to provide references. Many of my customers are regulars who use me for repeat bookings, and I honestly respect and care for each Pet I look after. As a Lead Volunteer for a local scouts group (224 North London), I am fully police-checked and covered by a comprehensive insurance policy for additional reassurance – please ask to see the documents.

I will only enter a room in your home if a cat is present and will not enter any rooms you have closed the doors to. I treat your home respectfully, as I would expect my home to be looked after. Please ensure that you make all items I will need accessible, such as cat litter, plastic bags, dustpan and brush, and of course, cat food.

Of course, if you have any further queries or would like to make a booking for Finchley  Cat Sitting Services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me………

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