DIY Dog Toy – Rotating bottles

Rotating bottles is an easy DIY Dog Toy to make, and most dogs love to play and solve, helping with mental stimulation instead of a dog walk

A small amount of DIY skills is needed along with some essential equipment as follows:

  • rotating-bottlle-diy-dog-tou-300x221 DIY Dog Toy - Rotating bottlesDrill
  • Screwdriver
  • 4 screws
  • 3 lengths of wood, including a thicker bit that can be used for the base – the wider the ground, the more stable it will be
  • 4wood saw
  • 3 plastic bottles
  • craft knife
  • A wooden pole or rod that is longer than the base plate, so you have an overhang
  •  Rubber Bands
  • Marker pen

High Value treats such as cheese (remember to take this into account and reduce the meals to ensure our dog doesn’t get fat)

How to make the puzzle toy

Pre-drill two holes at the bottom, although you could use a bradawl. Ideally, these holes should be near the corners of the side pieces of wood. As with any DIY project, make sure the hole is slightly smaller than the size of the screws you are using to ensure the screw has something to bite on.

Now line up the base to one of the pre-drilled side pieces to create an L, place the screws in the holes and then screw them through the side piece into the base. Make sure it is nice and secure.

Next, repeat with the other side.

Once you have the stand, the next stage is to take the pole and place it on top of the two side pieces of wood, mark out where it sits in the middle and with a pen or pencil, draw a U. This is what you are going to cut out using the saw so the poll can sit on top of the base.

Place the pole into this slot and use the rubber bands on either end of the pole outside of the wood to ensure it doesn’t slide out of either end. You may need to keep twisting the rubber band over the pole until you have created a plug.

Preparing the Bottles for the DIY Dog Toy

With a craft knife and taking care of the next stage, cut a hole out of both sides of your plastic bottles that is just big enough for the pole to fit through.

Place your plastic bottles upon your pole and fill them with some treats.

Now watch your dog try to figure out how to get the treats out of the rotating bottles.

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