DIY Dog Toys for Enrichment

dog-toys-5175628_1920-1024x683 DIY Dog Toys for Enrichment

With the current COVID-19 situation, many people are looking at “Social distancing “ and, more importantly “, self-isolation”. As a result, our dog walks will become shorter and less frequent; consequently, our dogs may get bored and unhappy.

We have previously done an article on DIY Dog Toys and thought it was time to do a follow-up so that dogs everywhere can be happy and get mental exercise.

Unfortunately, a lot of dog owners often overlook Mental stimulation for the more traditional (and still very important) physical stimulation, such as walking the dog or playing fetch.

It has been proven that mental stimulation can easily burn the same amount of energy as physical – if not more – and most dogs, especially working dogs, will be happy, content and tired, so they sleep well at night. The bonus is that while they engage with the enrichment, you tackle boredom and build a stronger bond between you and the dog.

Think about what your particular dog enjoys doing – Sniffing? Searching? Licking? Tearing? Your dog’s breed will often influence this. For example, terriers often enjoy ripping things up, and Beagles, Spaniels, and Labradors generally love to sniff.

Below is a list of effective dog toys and games you can make to help relieve boredom whilst dog walks are limited.

Enrichment doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated, so keep it safe but let your imagination run wild. Enjoyp>

Enrichment doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated, so let your imagination run wild. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Always supervise your pet when letting dogs play with homemade or commercial toys. Immediately take the toy away if they start chewing/swallowing any pieces or breaking them apart. Finchley dog walker is not responsible for any harm that may come to your dog.