A letter from your dog regarding Tennis Balls

20221223_182239-1024x768 A letter from your dog regarding Tennis Balls

Dear Mum,

I hope this letter finds you well and in good spirits. I wanted to take a moment to address a matter of great importance: tennis balls. While I adore playing with them, it has come to my attention that they can pose a real danger to me and my fellow canines. Allow me to enlighten you!

Tennis balls may appear harmless and fun, but they can be a choking hazard for furry creatures. As much as I love chasing after them and attempting to fit two in my mouth (a feat I must admit is quite challenging), the size and shape of a tennis ball can make it easy for us to swallow them. Trust me, accidentally, that’s not a pleasant experience for either of us!

Furthermore, the fuzz on the surface of tennis balls can be abrasive to our teeth and gums. Prolonged chewing on a tennis ball can cause wear and tear on our pearly whites, which none of us want. Dental hygiene is essential, even for us four-legged friends!

But fear not, dear Mum, for there is a solution to this problem. Consider investing in dog-friendly toys designed explicitly for our chewing pleasure. Plenty of options are available on the market, created with our safety in mind. These toys are made of gentler materials on our teeth and are less likely to pose a choking risk. They come in various shapes and colours, making playtime even more exciting!

Remember, Mum, education is critical when it comes to our well-being and safety. By being aware of the potential dangers associated with tennis balls, you are taking an essential step in keeping me healthy and happy, So let’s keep the ball rolling, but with toys that are better suited for my canine tendencies.

Thank you for your continuous love and care, Mum. I deeply appreciate all the fetch sessions and belly rubs you provide. Let’s enjoy our playtime while keeping safety at the forefront.

With a wagging tail and a dozen imaginary tennis balls in my mouth,

Your loving and entertaining furry friend