Tibetan Terrier

Characteristics of the Tibetan Terrier and how to look after them

IMG242-225x300 Tibetan Terrier

The Tibetan Terrier is a medium-sized dog originating from Tibet. It is not actually a terrier though, it was originally a herding dog but it acquired its name due to European travellers who first encountered it thinking that it resembled a terrier.

It is a squarely proportioned dog with dark brown eyes that are large and wide-set. It has a shaggy coat that comes in all colours and patterns – there is a woolly undercoat with a long, straight to wavy, fine, profuse outer coat. The breed varies greatly in height and weight but they are very powerful dogs who have with great agility as well as endurance.

If you own a Tibetan terrier, you will know it is a brave, intelligent, and dedicated dog with a sweet, loving and gentle temperament. They tend to be fun, amiable, affectionate and easily trainable provided they can see a point in what they’re being asked to do – they are widely regarded as being strong willed.

This breed has a deep bark, and some have a tendency to bark a lot. Whilst they are good guard dogs, some need to curb their excessive barking. It is important with Tibetan Terriers (as with any dog) that they get enough mental and physical exercise but if they do then they are wonderful, trustworthy family companions. This breed will require exercising for up to one hour per day.

It’s important to ensure that you are this dog’s pack leader as they can be very dominant and can become problematic otherwise. Tibetan Terriers require a fairly firm hand and if they receive this they will reward their owners with loyalty and devotion.

Because of their coats Tibetan Terriers require an extensive amount of grooming, and need to be brushed every 2-3 days to remove loose hair and prevent tangles. It’s important to dampen the coat before brushing and sometimes necessary to use some conditioner in order to ensure ease of brushing, and these dogs will also require a bath every week or two. They also require regular clipping. They are not considered ‘shedding’ dogs and are a good choice for allergy sufferers.

Tibetan Terriers are excellent guard dogs and they are very agile and obedient. The breed has gained rapidly in popularity, due in large part to its energy and enthusiasm and the breed’s ability to be a good watchdog that is not dissimilar to an Old English Sheepdog.