Christmas Presents for your Dog

Dogs are very much part of a family, so it makes perfect sense that they get to participate in Christmas festivities, including the custom of receiving presents. As a North London dog walker, I’m often asked about the best gifts for pooches. Whether you are a dog owner looking to treat your canine pal, or you have family/friends that are mad about their four-legged companion, there are a whole host of gift ideas to take inspiration from. . Read on for our favourites this season.

Treats for your dog

Treats are perfect for rewarding canines for good behaviour or showing them some love. Take care when choosing what to buy; canine treats vary in quality – as with products for humans, if it is cheap, it is highly likely to be made from elements that should best be avoided. Instead, make your dog feel special inside and out with natural, organic foods with high meat content. For extra brownie points, combine treats with fun. The Kong is an odd-shaped chewy toy that will provide hours of fun for your dog and help with dental care. More importantly, the toy can be filled with treats, so you can check how much is being given. Smaller dogs may get better use out of Planet Dog’s Strawberry toy, which is recyclable, washable, and, like the Kong, releases goodies while the dog plays.

Accessories are a dog’s best friend. This Christmas, bring a little bit of luxury to your dogs’ everyday items, such as the lead, collar and dog bowl. Your dog will appreciate a quality collar that doesn’t chafe and keeps them safe. Combine the collar with a durable lead that looks great, is strong, and is designed to last. Mulberry, in partnership with Mungo and Maud, has a range of stylish and practical leads that no dog would say no to. A little pricey but perfect if the dog or dog owner is style conscious. Equally luxurious is the dog bowl from Paul Smith. They teamed up with crockery maestros Thomas Goode to bring a little bit of extravagance to your dog’s eating utensils. If practical is your style, Ruffwear offers a neat collapsible bowl, ideal for taking on long walks and holidays.

We all look forward to our beds at the end of a long day, and dogs are no different! Except with dog beds, it is worth having something easily cleaned – because of how grubby they are likely to get. One of our favourites is the cute, square-shaped bed from, complete with a washable cover. You may prefer the Vetbed for your dog, which is the bedding of choice for vets and boarding kennels, and there is also an eco version entirely made from plastic bottles.

Dog lovers

Not all dog lovers are lucky enough to have one they can call their own. However, an annual membership with ‘Borrow my Doggy’ will ensure they get enough dog time to keep them happy. The gift is also ideal for dog owners who may want to take a break from dog-walking responsibilities now and again.

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