How to treat your dog this Christmas

dog-christmas How to treat your dog this Christmas

Our dogs are just like humans at Christmas in some respects. Like us, they will be delighted to receive surprise treats from their loved ones.

Pet shops and supermarkets are full of doggy presents at this time of year. You can get squeaky toys shaped like little animals and outdoor toys to play with, providing hours of fun. You can even get “luxury” Christmas stockings just like the kids get, only with tasty doggy treats inside instead of chocolate. The choices are vast, but what about something unusual instead of the standard kind of thing?

Oh, the weather outside is frightful.

As we all know, the weather in the UK is getting worse, and dogs feel the cold just as much as we do. Dogs have many waterproof coats and jackets, enabling them to go out with you for a bracing walk without suffering. These coats are made in different sizes and can be practical and cute.

Or you may wish to give your dog a new collar for Christmas. It’s a good idea to check their collar for stray threads and broken buckles that may irritate, so a new collar each Christmas will leave your dog feeling well taken care of!

Another thing that could be a good idea would be a new comfy bed. Dirt and bacteria can collect on your dog’s bed, and providing them with a brand new place to sleep this Christmas would surely be a welcome gift. You could even go the whole hog and get them a matching blanket! You can get matching sets of dog food bowls and mats to ensure your dog eats like a king too!

Just as popular as they are for humans, doggy pamper vouchers will enable you to gift fellow dog lovers with a festive groom or New look for the New Year. Add this to a regular vet check, and your dog will be happy and healthy into the New Year and beyond.

One thing you mustn’t forget this Christmas is to treat your dog to an extra walk here and there. It’s well-known that central heating and too much food over too little exercise can leave us feeling sluggish, and our furry friends feel the same way. So get those warm winter woollies on, and make sure that you don’t forget to get out there and have some fun outside with your dog.

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