Tips for keeping a dog healthy

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

We are know-how great dogs are and how loyal they are. They do not hold grudges and are always happy to see you. They love spending quality time on quality walks with you and wanting to play games such as fetch.

However, we all know that taking good care of your dog can be a lot of work.

As good dog owners, we must make sure they get the right food, they get both physical and mental exercise, their coat is well maintained and kept clean, as well as ensuring their ears and eyes are cleaned, claws trimmed etc. It is a lot to think about and keep track of. 

We hope these few simple tips will help.

Regular Vet Checkups are essential to keep your dog healthy

It is essential to pay a visit to your vet annually for the dog’s annual booster and checkup. However, if you have an older dog, you may want to increase the vet visits to every six months so any illness can be caught early

When visiting the vet, especially with a puppy or an older dog, you can also discuss the dogs’ diet to ensure they have the ideal weight and are not getting fat. Their diet provides the nutrients they need, higher fat, and protein for a puppy. Then as they get older, a lower fat and protein diet

It is important to monitor your dogs’ heath in-between visits, and if anything dramatically changes or they are under the weather, being sick, or have diarrhoea, then it is probably worth talking to your vet sooner rather than later

Spend time with your dog

Dogs are loyal and loving companions who will provide unconditional love to the end of the world and back and ideally wants to be with you 24 hours a day, which we know is impossible as we all have to work.

Therefore, you must spend quality time with your dog so that they know you love and care for them. As a result, you will have numerous benefits.

It is proven that people that spend time with dogs are generally less stressed, have higher oxytocin levels, and are less at risk of high blood pressure and heart problems.

Healthy Treats that provide Nutrition

When feeding your dog, it is important to ensure that all necessary nutrients are provided, just like humans. This gives the dog enough energy, builds muscles, and regenerates body tissues.

However, you may need to consult your vet about the best diet, especially if your dog has food allergies.

As well to allergies, when feeding a dog a healthy diet, you also need to consider other factors such as the dog’s size, breed of the dog and age, etc. After all, a miniature dachshund that is a couch potato needs far less food than an active collie that spends several hours playing ball, doing brain games and generally being active.

It is essential to do your research with treats and chews as many are bad for your dogs’ overall health and should be avoided, especially rawhide

So before giving your dog a treat, do some research. I always recommend Nature Menu treats.

Exercise Your Dog

It is important to remember that dogs need mental and physical exercise to stay fit and healthy.

A well-balanced physical and mental exercise program will also help stop some behaviour issues because they have pent-up energy and are bored.

The great thing about exercising your dog is that you will get exercise and not just become a couch potato.

Even in bad weather, when it is hard to get out and about then, purchasing interactive tools and playing games such as scatter feed and hide and seek will still help exercise your dog and keep them busy

Ensure Clean, Safe, and Warm Bedding

After all, as humans, we do not like to lie in dirty bedding. Well, this is the same with dogs.

Make sure you wash your dogs’ bedding regularly. This will remove dirt, bacteria, and any flea eggs and other mites. After all, we like clean bedding, so why shouldn’t your dog!

Make sure you socialise with your dog.

We all know that dogs are, by nature, pack animals. This is the same with all animals, including humans, who get lonely if they don’t have friends and family to turn to.

Joining pre-puppy classes is a great way to socialise your dog in a safe environment. Once they are old enough to go out, introduce them to other dogs in the park and new experiences such as traffic, joggers,m skateboarders etc. We have had the experience of socialising dogs of all ages, including rescues, so our training walks can be of help. This is just one of the services we offer