Do you provide your dogs with Quality walks

CR-copy-1 Do you provide your dogs with Quality walksOne of the mistakes that dog walkers often make when out walking their dog is the human focusing on the phone whilst the dog trots along – or gets dragged- besides them on the lead. After all the dog has been walked?

For some reason, most people provide very little in the way of choice for the dog. The dog lives with them, sleeps where they are permitted and eats what food we put down and what we allow them

Dogs being loyal and loving creatures are very forgiving on the restrictions put on their lifestyle. Many dogs are happy to go along with the decisions we make for them as they often do not know any better. However, think about it, are we really being fair ??

Why don’t we look at this in a different way and instead of seeing it as “walking the dog” see it more as going for a walk with your best friend and engage more with them while in the process of walking? It is important to take your mobile phone with you fully charged in case of emergencies, but this can be left in the pocket or at the bottom of the bag. This gives you the chance to spend more time outside the house getting to know and enjoying quality time with one or some of their favourite people, investigating the world around them. I am sure you will be surprised at a lot of things you miss

Whilst dogs like being off the lead and this is fine if the local bi-laws require dogs to be on a lead or your dog has poor recall then it is advisable to keep them on a  lead to prevent them getting into trouble

If you do have to keep them on the lead your companion can still have a fulfilled walk. Allow them the choice to pick which direction to go in. Let them spend five whole minutes investigating that clump of leaves and check out the wee-mail all the other neighbourhood dogs have left in the area. It is the dog’s walk.

Making small changes such as putting down the mobile phone and allowing your dog to make more choices and thinking of it more as a walk with your best friend will help increase your dog and your enjoyment of each other’s company.

Here at Finchley Dog Walker because we specialize in One 2 One walks we are able to provide more quality and enhanced dog walk enabling them to use their brain on walks and so benefiting from a more enriched and fulfilled walk so they are more contented and pleasantly tired – and I know they will have enjoyed our time together as much as I have

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