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Derek Chambers – Finchley Dog Walker

One to one Dog Walking services by an experienced Dog Walker


Having worked in the commercial world, I fully understand how hard it can be to find time to take your dog out for a walk. If you are looking for a reliable and experienced dog walker in Finchley and the surrounding area, why not get in touch? We view you and your dog as unique, and so we aim to personalise our service to suit your dog’s needs and your particular circumstances. Whether you wish your dog to have personal one-on-one attention from a dog walker or want your dog to walk and socialise with other dogs within a small group or have a dog pet sitting visit at home, we can help.

Enriching Solo dog walks for the shy, the nervous or sometimes reactive dog.

 Solo dog walks – 60 minutes or longer. Your dog will be walked by myself, Derek Chambers, with no other dogs and depending on temperament in quiet places around Finchley.

This allows your dog to receive my 100% attention to play games and have an enriched dog walk.  This will also allow them to sniff and decompress and support any positive training plans you have in place any training plans we come up with together.

. A solo dog walk is suitable for any dog but is especially suitable for a shy timid dog, an older dog o a sometimes reactive dog ( or other behavioural issues).

Group Dog Walks in the Finchley area.

Social group dog walks – 60 minutes. We can walk your dog with our friendly collie dog, Missy, or within a small friendly group (up to 3 dogs). They will visit a local safe park to run around and have fun together and play games. This service is suitable for well-behaved friendly dogs with good recall. We currently offer this service for small to medium-sized dogs.

This service is no longer available, and we recommend Laura from pet sitting Finchley. Please also read our article on solo walks v group walks to decide.

Puppy Sitting and Puppy visiting service

Puppy sitting visit – 30 minutes or longer. For puppies that are not ready for a long dog walk, we also offer a puppy sitting service, which can include a shorter walk and indoor or garden puppy dog games.

Dog Sitting Visit

Dog pet sitting visit 30 minutes or longer. We can visit your dog to feed, replenish water, let them out into the garden for a toilet break, administer medication, clean up any puddles, play with them and give lots of attention and cuddles. Suitable especially for elderly or infirm dogs that need more frequent toilet breaks or attention.

Dog “baby” sitting service

Doggy Baby Sitting ServiceL Are you planning on going out for the evening out with Friends and Family?
Worried about leaving your dog alone? Then why not try our “doggy Babysitting” service

Give me a call, and I will happily come and sit with your dog whilst you are out. Guaranteed to come home to a Happy Dog xx Your dog will be walked and well looked after by an experienced, caring, responsible dog walker who loves dogs and is reliable, trustworthy, and police-checked. We will usually walk your dog on the lead unless he is suitable to be walked off lead. We will only do this with your permission and under your instruction and only under safe conditions such as within an enclosed park away from the road. Your dog must also have very good recall with us and be well socialised with other dogs and people.

One to One Aided Dog Walking Service

Aided Dog Walks – Have you recently had an accident and are struggling to walk your dog? We all know that part of the joys of owning a dog is walking it. If you are struggling due to an injury but still wish to take your dog out, let us accompany you and do the hard work. We can even help with shopping.

Elderly dog walking service

Elderly dog care.  Do you have an elderly dog that st wants to go for a walk at their own pace and maybe spend 20 minutes sniffing the lampost?  Then our elderly dog walking service is for you.

We will pick up your dog and go for a quality walk at their own pace and if they want to sniff a lampost for 20 minutes that is fine with e.  If they don’t want to go out, then we will have some quality time

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