Doggy Easter egg hunt

Usually when you hear that someone is organising an Easter egg hunt you picture lots of small children, basket over one arm, hunting around the garden for miniature chocolate eggs.  The eggs either go in the basket for totting up at the end, or get eaten on the spot.  Depends on how well run your egg hunt is!  However, what about an event with a difference.  Many people think dogs are like children anyway (indeed many people treat their dogs exactly that way) so why not give them a little treat-filled game to keep them amused?

Doggy Easter egg hunts often take the form of a charity event as well as it being just for fun (for people and dogs alike).  The “field” could be just a handful of dogs and handlers, or it could be hundreds.  Imagine the chaos, and the noise, but what a great event it can be on a sunny day and provided everybody behaves themselves.  The dogs have to behave too!

The basic idea is that thousands of little plastic eggs are hidden in bushes, ditches, next to trees or anywhere in the vicinity.  Each “egg” has a little dog treat inside – preferably ones with a strong enough scent to be easily picked up by the competitors (they are the four-legged ones by the way).  Also inside is some kind of sticker or token – evidence that your dog has found an egg. The plastic egg shells and the tokens are then totted up at the end of the day and prizes are awarded and sponsorship money collected accordingly.

Naturally the champion dog egg sniffer will get a cup of some sort, plus more treats of course.  The humans involved will collect their sponsorship money based on how many eggs their dog found.  The charities involved reap the benefit of what will have been a thoroughly good day out for both canines and humans. Oh, and let’s not forget one other vital thing the humans must carry – pooper scooper and bags.  Imagine the environment afterwards if this bit is forgotten!

To keep some kind of control all dogs are kept on a leash at all times as well.  Despite this though they will have a whale of a time sniffing out the treats and socialising with friends (maybe even sworn enemies) and lots of exercise will have been taken by everyone.  Sounds a lot more fun than your standard walk in the park, doesn’t it?

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