Dogs and Holiday Guests: How to Prepare Your Pup for All the Fuss

new-years-eve-1905142_640 Dogs and Holiday Guests: How to Prepare Your Pup for All the Fuss

Christmas holidays are getting closer day-by-day. Are you excited? But what about your dog?

Here’s how to make sure this holiday season won’t be stressful for your furry friends.

The holiday season brings a lot of joy, decorating, gifts, delicious foods, memorable moments with our loved ones… and a lot of stress to our four-legged pals. Guests coming and going, loud chatter and music, and a lot of fuss happening in the house can make your dog feel really anxious and disrupt their normal routine.

Some pets are easygoing and don’t feel disturbed by all the things happening around them during the holiday season. But some dogs are more anxious and don’t feel that comfortable around new people in the house. If your dog is clingier and follows you around most of the day, you’ll need some guidelines in place before your guests arrive.

Keep reading below to find out how to get your furry-friend ready for Christmas holiday guests!


Make sure your dog has a safe area

Choosing a separate space for your dog to spend most of their time during the visits from your guests is a win-win situation. Your dog will have a place where they can be relaxed, and your guests, who are not fans of pets, will not be bothered or scared by your dog’s presence.

Just because you love dogs and don’t fear them, it doesn’t mean that all your friends and family members do too. Some people fear dogs and don’t feel comfortable being in the same room with a pup. At the same time, your dog may be disturbed by all the new people in the house.

So, it’s best, if possible, to choose a separate room for your furry friend to spend most of their time during the holiday season.

Get plenty of treats and toys to keep your dog busy.

The best way to make your dog feel comfortable during family gatherings is to keep them busy and entertained. So, stock up on chew treats, like bully sticks or dental chews, and toys your furry-friend doesn’t get every day to keep them occupied.

Speak to your guests before they arrive

For you, like for most of us, your dog is part of the family now, and you must make sure that your guests know that.

Let your guests know that they are more than welcome to visit and even spend the night, but they must respect your pet’s needs while at your home.
For example, let your guests know that your dog will be present in the home during their visit. Or that they are not allowed to feed your pup anything other than their regular dry or wet food. Or, if your dog is usually really excited when greeting guests, warn your guests, so they know
what to expect and not be scared by your dog’s behavior.

Beware Doors opening and closing

Brief EVERYBODY entering the house to close doors after them. A dog can be an expert escape artist and a christmas opportunist!

Tire them out before your guests arrive.

You know what they say, “a tired dog is a peaceful dog.” So, if you don’t want your dog running around the house, barking, chewing, and causing a lot of mess while you have your guests over,tire them before your guests arrive. For example, you can take them on a long walk and have
some serious playtime. This should make them feel tired enough to crash for a few hours.

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