The Sniff and Decompress

animal-15607_640 The Sniff and Decompress

We all know the importance of exercising our dog, and religiously each day, we head out into the rain, shine, and other elements to ensure our four-legged friend is getting all the exercise that they need. It is also vital that we understand the breed of dog we have, collie’s, for example, are high energy working dogs, spaniel’s need to run. In contrast, a Chihuahua can get away with a shorter walk, but it should be remembered that they are dogs and do need to walk, not be carried.

However, if you have ever seen someone pulling up their dog’s lead saying, ‘come on, get a move on, or if you are guilty of this yourself, then this is the article for you.


The Nose Knows

We consider the primary sense in a dog to be the nose and sense of smell. Sniffing is a way of gaining a lot of information and is an important part of their communication. When a dog has its nose to the ground and is sniffing the area, they are actually exploring and learning about the surroundings and other dogs and animals that may have been there before them. This is enjoyable for your dog, and lots of smells are very stimulating mentally, and this, in turn, makes them happy, full stump when your dog greets another dog, you will see that they use scent to investigate each other. So, you must give your dog a chance to exercise this very important sense.

Where He Goes, You Follow

Instead of taking a predefined route and marching around, keeping your dog on the lead moving as quickly as possible, a sniff and decompress walk is led by your four-legged friend. You must let them decide where they are going and at what pace they want to move. Instead of being frustrated by their stopping and sniffing, try and understand how important this is to them. Let them decide which direction you’re going to take next; you may discover some excellent routes on the way. The sniffing your dog can do on the walk provides mental stimulation but, more importantly, relaxation. This is why we call it a decompression.

Effectively Tired Out

It may not feel like they are putting in as much effort as when running across a field, but a decompression walk is a great way to tire out your hound. It gives them so much mentally that they can enjoy life more. Think of it as a dog meditation, a chance for them to unwind and clear the mind. The human world can be quite tricky for a dog to navigate, so it’s nice to allow them to do nothing but what their nose tells them to do!

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