Indoor Agility Exercises with Your Dog

Depositphotos_184480076_L-1024x682 Indoor Agility Exercises with Your Dog

Indoor agility exercises and games are ideal for those dogs who need a little extra stimulation, like Collies or when walking time is restricted due to bad weather. They will not only give your dog extra exercise, but they are a fun way to help with training your dog too.

Hide & Seek

There are many variations of this game that will keep your dog entertained. You can hide in the next room and call your dog to find you, or use their favourite squeaky toy hidden away or even dotting healthy treats throughout the house for them to find. Playing hide and seek with your dog is great for their agility, as they have to race around the house, sniffing the treats out. It’s an entertaining and straightforward way to burn off some of your dog energy, but if you are using treats, be careful not to play it every time, as it may affect your dog diet.

Living Room Olympics

This one does require a certain amount of space depending on the dog’size, but the idea is to set up an obstacle course in your living room or even across two rooms for your dog to jump or crawl under. You don’t need any specific items, use cardboard boxes, broomsticks and even rolled up blankets. Start with a few simple obstacles and encourage your dog to go over or underneath them, depending on the height. This is an excellent exercise for training and agility, and you can increase the number of obstacles and difficulty levels as your dog gets more familiar with them.

The Collapsed Tunnel

Place a large blanket over a chair or coffee table with one end of the blanket hanging slightly lower than the other to create a collapsed tunnel. Place your dog at the end with the shorter flat whilst you wait at the other end poking your head through so your dog can see you. Call your dog through the tunnel and reward him with lots of praise when he reaches the other side.

This is great for their mobility and self-confidence.

Leg Weaving

Start with the basics. Stand with your legs apart and entice your dog to travel between them with a little treat. As they get more comfortable going through your legs once, you can then step forward and repeat the process as many times as you like.

This exercise helps with suppleness and overall fitness in your dog, as well as discipline.

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