Loose Lead Walking Dog Training
loose-lead-walking Loose Lead Walking Dog Training

One of the most common issues seen by dog trainers is pulling on the lead. As an owner, it can be distressing to be dragged down the road by an over-enthusiastic puppy, and it isn’t good for the well-being of your faithful friend either. Learning to walk on a loose lead makes a lot of difference to the enjoyment of your walks together and can turn a stressful dash around the block into a calm stroll where you can enjoy Missy’s scenery and company.

It is too late for loose lead walking training.

It is never too late; even if you have a dog that has pulled on the lead for many years, you can teach them to walk nicely on a loose lead. It is much better for their emotional well-being and generally helps with behaviour. A pulling dog is not in the mindset to listen or learn, and they have no focus. Thankfully the adage that old dogs cannot learn new tricks is not true. No matter how old they are, your four-legged friend is always up for new challenges, and they certainly can learn! It is just a case of practice, repetition and reward, so they understand what you are asking of them. Don’t worry; I am here to help!

Begin as You Mean to Go On

Regular walks are the best time to work on the loose lead walk. Your dog will have to use their focus, and it stimulates the mind, which is also a great way to use up excess energy. Some studies have shown that being stimulated, active and learning new skills can stave off canine dementia and other conditions that come with age. Dogs love to learn, so turning any issues into a learning opportunity gives them great pleasure. It will also help reduce your stress levels; there is no fun in being dragged around. Bigger dogs can cause injuries to shoulder joints and arm strains.

Our loose lead training package includes accompanying you on some walks to transfer the skills that your dog will learn whilst out walking with me, along with any game base training we do

Loose lead walking Training as We Walk

When walking your dog, I can spend time practising their skills on a loose lead. This enables them to become pros in no time, and I will show you how to continue the training when they are not with me. All of my training is done with positive reinforcement, never punishment. This means using verbal praise, fuss and the occasional treat to reassure them they are doing good. It is the best way to train a dog, and they do love a bit of sausage or meat treats. It is a fair reward for learning well, and I love seeing dogs thrive. At the end of the session, they can come off the lead and have a run in a safe space, so you can be confident that their time with me is fun, productive and happy.

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