Solo Dog Walks

Specialist One To One dog walks from an experienced professional.

Covering the Finchley and Muswell Hill area

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list_dog Solo Dog WalksIf your dog is reactive towards other dogs and therefore needs walking on its own with a sympathetic handler then I can help.

list_dog Solo Dog WalksOr are they an older dog who now prefers to take things at a steady pace?

list_dog Solo Dog WalksPerhaps you have a youngster needing appropriate individual attention?

Walking the dog is supposed to be an enjoyable pastime, but if you’ve lived with an aggressive or a lead-reactive pet, you will know that it’s not always the case. Do you find yourself apologising for your noisy, snarling dog or end up hiding behind trees in the park while another dog passes by?

There are many reasons why sometimes it’s best to walk a dog alone. Perhaps your pet is older and unable to keep up with the more energetic pups, or they may not feel comfortable around other dogs

Benefits of One-to-One walks

  • Allows your pet to walk at their own speed, more beneficial for an older dog
  • Individual walks will give your dog undivided attention, stimulation and playtime
  • A fantastic way to tire out boisterous and energetic breeds
  • More suitable for  dogs who prefer their own company or are sometimes reactive
  • Regular, One-to-One Walks will introduce a tailored routine that they are more comfortable with and so be happier
  • Your dog receives heaps of affection and quality time while their “parent” is at work
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We can arrange our One-to-One walks on a regular daily basis or as a one-off event when you aren’t able to walk your pet. While we are walking your dog,  they will come across other dogs, humans, and perhaps even other animals, not to mention other scents and noises that they probably haven’t experienced before. The aim of our walks is to not only exercise your dog but also to encourage mental stimulation, sniff and decompress and help him to be more relaxed and balanced.


What we include in our specialised One to One dog walks

  •  We will collect your dog from your home and return him after a walk  – No Cars No Vans just local walks to help reduce the stress
  • High quality natural treats
  • We cater to the precise needs of your dog with a tailored walk
  • We provide quality walk time in a stimulating, pleasant and safe outdoor setting
  • Masses of playtime and (with the owner’s consent) time off the lead

We have a boxer Oscar who really looks forward to his weekly walks with Derek. We have used Finchley dog walking services for over a year now and have found Derek to be very reliable, understanding, and always willing to give time to chat about healthy eating, treats he makes himself, and dog behaviour. Juliet, North Finchley N12

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One-to-One Training

If your dog has any behavioural problems, we can work on their aggressive or reactive actions. I use positive training methods, working together and with understanding to diminish any outbursts and symptoms of underlying negative emotions, such as trauma, unease, or fear.

Finchley Dog Walker is supported by Tip Top Dog School and also follows the Professional dog walker guidelines


Solo Dog Walking Services

Step 1 Consultation meet and greet

I will visit your home at a pre-arranged time to introduce myself to you and your dog. We will discuss your expectations and requirements for our dog walks.

Step 2 Dog walking programme

Based on our discussions, I will put together a walking plan and decide routes to provide fun and safe walks for your dog, ensuring that we follow a consistent routine of rules.

Step 3 On our way

We will begin our walks, picking up your dog from your home. I place emphasis on enriched walks with games and exercise routines, such as hand targeting, find it to keep him occupied so he isn’t thinking about cyclists, cars, people and other dogs, or anything else that your dog has an issue with. Our ongoing training will help to condition your dog and change the way that he thinks about anxieties and irritants, and to prevent lunging and barking problems.

Step 4 You return home to a relaxed and happy pet

Your dog will have had his daily exercise and will be tired and relaxed. You don’t have to tackle an anxious walk around the park with a dog who is usually reactive.

Finchley Dog Walker understands that group socialization is important for all canines, but we are also aware that in some cases, solo dog walks are a better solution. If you feel that your dog would benefit from a Solo Dog Walk, please contact me to discuss or request further details.

Finchley Dog Walker has support from Tip Top Dog School

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Here at Finchley Dog Walker, Our specialist one-to-one dog walking service is a flat rate of £25 which includes premium treats, brain training, basic training reinforced the opportunity to sniff and compress. We can also leave them with a stuffed kong if requested

If you have any questions on this or our other services then simply get in touch