Summer Treats to keep your dog cool

Recommendations  for healthy summer treats for dogs

It isn’t surprising the temperature rising.  During hot weather, it is important for both humans and pets alike to stay hydrated by ensuring we drink lots of water ab doter fluids

Dogs and cats sometimes need to be encouraged to drink plenty of water so they stay hydrated in hot weather

We hope the following suggestions will help encourage them to take on board fluids

Plenty of water

Just like humans, your dog will lose fluid as they pant a lot more to keep themselves cool.

Make sure that plenty of freshwater is available for them to drink.  Try and put fresh water bowls in every room.  It is also important that that you regularly clean their water bowls (ideally daily).  This will help the water to look more tempting and to taste fresh (although some say dogs prefer puddle water to fresh tap water)

Different bowls –If you notice that our dog doesn’t want to drink from their bowl and it’s been cleaned they why not try a different one. Maybe if you have an older dog that suffers from aches and pains, then using a raised water bowl may make the difference.

Water fountain –  Maybe consider a water fountain that will provide a steady flow of water to drink from rather than a bowl.

Some great ideas for snacks to keep cool for both dogs and humans

As well as providing fresh drinking water, there is a selection of tasty treats that can help with rehydration and cooling down your dog during the warmer months.  Many of these tasty treats are recommended by vets

Like all teats and toys etc.. it is important to supervise them, especially as they don’t know to avoid or indeed understand brain freeze

Remember to reduce your dogs daily food allowance by however many calories you provide in these treats to avoid obesity – esp as dogs tend not to  exercise as much in the heat

Dog-Friendly Banana-berry frosties

(Make sure you use fruits that dogs can eat)

Take some bananas and a selection of fruit (making sure the fruit is safe for your dog). Now put them in a food processor and blitz for a minute or two until mushy (a small amount of water can be added if needed)

Now take an ice cube tray and fill it with the fruit paste you have just made.

Place in a freezer overnight, and you now have a delicious lickable treat suitable for both dogs and humans (when I was on a fluid restricted diet, they quenched the thirst really well)

Dog-friendly Savory pupcicles

This one is similar to the above. This time take some leftover chopped chicken (or other suitable lean meat), some fruit (such as apple), a small amount of water, and put it in the food processor.

Blas for a minute or so and then put the mixture into bone shape moulds (or ice cube trays) and freeze overnight.

Frozen vegetables

If your dog likes a bit of carrot or banana, then place them in the freezer- A great cheap and healthy summer treat that will help cool them.

Peanut butter is a healthy summer frozen treat for dogs

This one is great for frozen kongs or similar toys.  Take some natural peanut butter suitable for dogs (make sure it doesn’t have xylitol as this is toxic to dogs), then pop it in the freezer.

As well as providing some brain work for your dog to keep them occupied it will help cool them down in the heat

Green smoothie (super for small pets)

This is essentially a healthy superfood smoothie for you, your dog, rabbits and other small furry animals.  Place some kale in a food processor along with ice cubes and give it a quick blast until it becomes slush.

Ice cubes are great for dogs.

One of the things my dogs love is a second bowl of water. Take a bowl and fill it just over half with water.  Place it in your freezer overnight.  Now place it net to the normal water bowl.  Not only will they enjoy licking it t but they also have a second bowl of cool water as it defrosts.

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A lot of vegetables can be blitzed in the food processor and frozen to make healthy summer treats for dogs