To Eat or Not to Eat

tree-nut-995054_640 To Eat or Not to EatWe all know given half a chance our dogs would eat anything, the simple quality of being able to fit in their mouths is pretty much the only requirement.

So with an appetite like that, how can we be sure that what they do eat is good for them?

Well there a number of foods that are bad for, or just downright toxic to dogs and we thought we’d come up with a proper A to Z list.

A is Acorn – While acorns are toxic to dogs no one is exactly sure why, but they contain gallotanins, two kinds of acid, gallic and tanic. You are most likely to come across Oak trees in the park or on woodland walks.

B is Bones – more specifically chicken bones. Some bones are fine for dogs, but never chicken bones which can splinter in their mouths and throats causing terrible injuries, You are most likely to come across chicken bones in split rubbish bags.

C is for Chocolate – Chocolate is very toxic for dogs and they should never be allowed it.

D is for Dairy – While some dogs are fine with Dairy produce, others can develop serious diarrhoea.

E is for Evaporated Milk – This viscous gloop contains far too much sugar and can seriously damage your dogs teeth.

F is for Fish – Some fish is OK in small quantities, but feeding your dog exclusively or heavily on a fish diet can make it very ill.

G is for Grapes – Grapes are extremely toxic to dogs and even small amount can call serious illness and even death

H is for Hops – There’s something in hops which can cause seizures and can be potentially fatal to dogs.

I is for Ice Cream – No matter how much they beg, there’s no good can come from combining dairy and sugar.

J is for Jelly – See Ice Cream above and keep an eye on your pooch at parties.

K – is Kitty Food – OK so I had to use artistic license for the sake of continuity, but the fact remain that what’s good for felines is not good for canines.

L – is for Liver – Liver is great in small amounts, but as it’s high in Vitamin A it can cause long term bone problems if fed excessively.

M is for Mushrooms – Some mushrooms may be OK, others can be fatal, don’t take the risk and keep an eye on your dog in the park particularly at the foot of old trees.

N – is for Nuts – As above some are OK, but Chestnuts and Macadamia nuts can cause serious illness in dogs and if you can avoid them altogether then we’d advise it.

O – is for Onions – Onions are terrible for dogs and can cause serious damage to their red blood cells. Remember many foods contain onions so be careful if your little pest is a plate scraper.

P – is for Peaches – Peach stones are very bad your pet and can cause diarrhoea and other health problems.

Q -is for Quince flowers – Now I’m including this for the sake of continuity as some dogs can develop a reaction to the flowering Quince bush, but generally Quinces are fine for dogs.

R – is for Rhubarb – Rhubarb contains oxalate, which affect may your dog’s digestive, nervous, and urinary systems.

S is for Salt – Salt is bad for everyone, but worse for your dog.

T is for Tobacco – Tobacco is potentially fatal for dogs who react more severely to the nicotine than humans.

U is for Umeboshi – a Japanese Plum a bit like an apricot. Umeboshi pits or stones have the same effect on dogs are peach stones.

V is for Vegetable Oil – Sadly this is used to bulk up a lot of poorer quality dog foods and whilst not toxic to dogs, it certainly has limited, if any, positive effects. Basically try and avoid adding any more to anything your dog eats.

W is for wine – Alcohol Is bad for dogs full stop.

X is for Xylitol – Xylitol is an artificial sweetener commonly used to sweeten human foods, but it is very toxic for dogs. Avoid letting your dog eat gum from pavements as it is likely to contain Xylitol.

Y is for Yeast – Yeast will expand in your dog’s digestive system causing wind and bloating and can be more serious if taken in large quantities.

Z – is for Zebra steaks – Zebras are very quick and powerful animals and your dog should be discouraged from trying to catch eat them in case they get worn out or kicked in the face. (I know you don’t get many in Finchley but  for the sake of continuity)


Definitely-“No-Go”-Toxic-to-people-foods-for-dogs-1024x724 To Eat or Not to Eat

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