How To Remove Urine Stains

How To Remove Urine Stains

images1 How To Remove Urine StainsOwning a puppy brings such pleasure to our lives, that cute loveable bundle of fur, the way he plays and licks us with love.  The way he rolls around the floor, runs and jumps etc.  But….. there is a downside, you guessed it, the weeing all over the floor

All dogs can be house trained some may take a  little longer than others.  The problem before that happens the inside of your house is Oscar’s territory. The stains and smells of Phydeaux’s little mishaps and mistakes leave lasting impressions on your carpets and rugs unless you take care of them straight away.

If you are lucky enough and catch Oscar in the act over your favourite rug then clearing it up is not so bad.  Simply get some kitchen roll to clean up and soak up as much as you can and then use some luke warm water and your favourite cleaning agent such as Vanish for carpets (other brands are available).  Another great detergent is quite simply washing up liquid, mixed with water on these fresh mishaps.  .

If the stain has been allowed to sit for a while then this will require some kind of organic cleaner.  However, should you resort to using chemicals then peroxide is your friend once again as it can act as a terrific stain remover. Make sure you dilute it with warm water (after testing a small area first) and apply using some kind of scrubbing brush but p[lease be careful as not all fibres appreciate being scrubbed.

Of course, if you have put down towels or old sheets and the item can be washed then this is easy peasy.  Just throw it in the machine by itself with your regular washing powder and ideally some bleach if it is possible


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