The benefits of hiring a Dog Walker and Pet Sitter that has fully comprehensive insurance cover

derek-chambers-dog-walker-300x300 The benefits of hiring a Dog Walker and Pet  Sitter that has  fully comprehensive  insurance coverWhen you need to make the important decision to select a dog walker for your much-loved pets, obviously there are many important features that you need to look out for. You need someone who you can trust and know that your dog will be safe in their care, a caring person with a friendly personality, who also understands your dog’s requirements. Remember too, the high importance of choosing a dog walker who holds up to date dog walker’s insurance, a factor that is often overlooked.

Why do you need to choose a dog walker who has a current dog walker’s insurance policy?

Working with customer’s dogs is a trustworthy professional with a lot of financial and emotional responsibility, not to mention the risk involved.

In the event of an accident, your dog is cared for – Non-Negligent Cover

A client places their trust in a dog walker, but who knows what inopportune accident could happen that involves your dog. While out walking, your dog could slip on a grassy bank and twist a leg, or maybe step on a piece of glass. Of course while a dog walker will take every precaution to prevent such incidents occurring, accidents will happen! If they carry relevant insurance, your dog’s medical care will be covered if he has been injured due to negligence, without fault.

Other dogs are protected

Imagine if your dog is out walking and they attack another dog. There could be a genuine reason for this but you need to know that your will not be held responsible for the other injured dog’s medical bills, or even worse, sued for expenses. A dog walker’s policy will cover liability for any dog in their care whilst they are employed as a walker.

In addition, these following aspects are covered by your professional dog walker’s insurance policy:

  • Public Liability – should your dog cause injury, accident or damage to someone else’s possessions or property
  • Care, Custody and Control – this provides cover if the dog is lost or injured while in the care of your dog walker
  • Loss of Keys cover – a dog walker will be given access to your house keys to let the dog out for his daily walks – this clause provides cover in the event the Client’s keys are misplaced.
  • Vet’s fees illness cover – to cover the cost of Vets bills for any illness your animal contracts whilst in the care of the dog walker/pet sitter.

Always go that one step further when hiring a dog walker – ask to see proof of their insurance policy, their first aid qualifications and enhanced DBS check, together with confirmation of membership of NARPS UK, (the National Association of Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers). Any reputable and qualified dog walker will hold such qualifications and documents for your peace of mind.

Remember that if you are looking for a dog walker, a professional, insured walker/pet sitter will not only keep your dog protected, but also you and third parties too.