Dog Walker vs. Day Care – which is best?

Many of us have to go out to work, and unfortunately, this could mean leaving your dog alone at home during the day. Whilst we know this cannot be avoided, it is essential to make sure that you have made arrangements to ensure your dog is not left for more than around 4 or 5 hours at a time (as advised by the Blue Cross) – but it does depend on the dog.

Like holiday care, there are a couple of options for daycare, such as a dog walker or doggy daycare.

Pros & Cons

Like everything in life, there are pros and cons. As you are aware, when choosing a dog walker, we advise you to do your homework and make sure you do a meet & greet before entering any contract so you both know what is required, any quirks the dog may have etc.

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Pros of hiring a Dog Walker

  • Dog walkers can often be flexible with schedules and, where possible, will fit in with your routine. As a result, you can often book extra walks if required.
  • The walks can be tailored to your dogs’ needs, particularly with one-2-one dog walks. This could be a gentle stroll with frequent stops for the elderly dog or a games-based training walk for your more energetic spaniel with plenty of enrichment. As a result, they will be quite happy to go home and nap.

Cons of hiring a Dog Walker

  • Dog walkers usually only visit for around an hour, so your dog will be alone for periods. This may not be ideal for dogs with separation anxiety.
  • The dog walker will have keys and access to your house. It is, therefore, essential to check whoever you choose is trustworthy. Ask to see their insurance,m DBS and references. Ideally, go with someone recommended by your vet or dog trainer.
  • Dog walkers are with your dog for a specific period. It could be a while before anyone knows if they get into trouble alone.     

Finchley dog walker provides a personal one-to-one service and is fully insured with an enhanced DBS via the scouts and insured with protectivity.

Doggy Day Care Pros

  • Someone will be with your dog all day and can keep an eye on them. They will also have other dogs to play with throughout the day.
  • Any good doggy daycare will be able to provide you with details of what they will be getting up to during the h day. When they are fed, when they will be going out etc.     
  • They are more suited for well-socialised dogs as they will be mixing with all kinds of dogs of various sizes.

Day Care Cons

  • Dogs can pick up bad behaviours from the other dogs at the day centre, and there is a chance that fights can break out.
  • One—on attention is impossible as they probably have 4 or 5 dogs to look after.
  • Due to the environment always being busy and lots of stimulation, many dogs can find this overwhelming.

Does my dog need full-time stimulation?

Whilst dogs love to play. They also need downtime to sleep; having a rest day can often be good for them. Rest days help empty the “stress bucket.”

Whilst all dogs are different, they should get around 8 – 10 hours of sleep as a general rule. Puppies need an amazing 18 hours of sleep to help their growth and development. Dogs can often be naughty if they get over-tired.

Dog walks are tailored to your specific requirements.

Dog walkers can customise walks based on a dog’s age, size, breed, and personality. Many walkers will pair similar dogs so that they enjoy socialisation whilst on a walk as well!