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Autumn For Dogs

All the leaves are brown and the sky is blue…well we can be thankful for small mercy. Anyway, the signs are in and Autumns here now, which means despite the sunshine we’re going to have to change our habits for the sake of our pooches.

The Autumn months are a lovely time to walk our dogs, but there are a few things we should be aware of if we want to take full advantage of the season.

Firstly as we all know it gets brighter later and darker earlier. So if you’re one for getting up at the crack of dawn enjoy the lie in. However if you prefer a later stroll then be aware if your pup gets spooked in twilight.

Speaking of Spooks it won’t be long before Halloween is upon us and the streets are crawling with Zombies and Ghouls and what not. Which is fine if Rover is unafraid of the dead, but expect more traffic then usual at your door.

The rear scares of course, come in November and it’s a good idea to be prepared in the days before and after bonfire night. As a rule dogs hate fireworks and this can be a terribly stressful time for them.  If your dog reacts badly to fireworks there are some simple steps you can take.

  • Walk them earlier in the day and avoid going out after dark.
  • If there are fireworks nearby at night, make your dog a little nest of blankets, somewhere warm and near you. If they get spooked, encourage them to lie down in the nest and stay close and reassure them,
  • If you are forced to take your dog out after dark try to avoid firework displays and keep them on a lead at all times.

Beware acorns, conkers, mushrooms and other horrors underfoot. Autumn is the worst time for fallen nuts and acorns and the less fun kinds of fungi none of which your dog will thank you for, if he’s daft enough to eat some… and they can all be that daft sometimes. Try to keep an eye on your dogs near the base of trees and in the undergrowth.

A simpler peril will likely befall us all this Autumn, but it’s one which can be easily prevented by the simple addition of a towel by the front door. Yes dear friends, it might be all blue skies and Indian Summer this week, but mark our words it will be torrential rain soon enough and if you want to keep that sofa sofa coloured then you know what needs to be done

Below is our latest infographic that contains 9 important tips that could help save our dog this autumn

dog-safety-tips-finchley-dog1 Autumn Tips


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