Sticks and the Dangers

dog-and-stick-300x225 Sticks and the DangersDogs and Sticks are hard to separate, indeed some dogs can accurately be described as being as daft as sticks. Sadly though, the truth is the relationship can only lead to heartache. Simply put sticks are dangerous to dogs and the danger is a lot more tangible than you’d think.

We all know that dogs navigate their way through this world using their mouths. And as a rule, their organ of choice is a pretty hardy tool, but let’s be honest it’s also still just their mouth and we have to look after the thing we eat with and breath through. Most dogs are pretty good at that… sure the old ball of string, or rawhide chew might suggest otherwise, but for the most part dogs will mostly look after their snouts. Unfortunately however dog’s have a big of an Achilles Heel when it comes to oral common sense and I think we all know what we’re talking about.

Sticks are the enemy. They can and they will splinter and they can cause horrific wounds. Think of sticks as scissors and what did your mother tell you never to do with them? That’s right, our little pesky pals love nothing more than a good run around with a proverbial pair of choppers in their mouths.

Don’t let the sticks win.

Bribe your pet with treats, carry a tennis ball and basically don’t encourage them to play with sticks. It’s not worth it, you don’t want to deal with the consequences of your dog tripping over with a stick in it’s maw.

If the worst does happen, and the world is not a perfect place and accidents happen.

Remember the following potentially life-saving tip.


The wound may be deeper than it appears and you not only risk partially removing the stick thus making it harder for a vet to help later, you also risk being bitten by a wounded and frightened animal.

If the worst does happen just try to keep your dog calm and get it to a vet as soon as you are able.

Prevention is, of course, easier than the cure and we’ve already mentioned a few examples above. We all love our dogs and naturally, we love to play with them, but there are alternatives to letting them run around with sticks. Balls and Frisbees are good, but the best substitute is a good old length of rope.


This blog post is purely meant to be helpful advice. as we are not vets and this info is not intended, in any way, to take the place of the advice from your Vet. If you have concerns please contact your vet or Vetfone


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