Boarding Your Dog

We’re all going on a summer holiday, and the dog wants a break too.  July and August are traditionally holiday months due to the long school holidays, and so people plan both staycations and holidays abroad.

Once the planning for your holiday starts, you need to start considering your dog and pet (s) and who is going to take them off them


Essentially you have three options available to you a petsitter, friends or family or boarding.

If you decide to go down the boarding route, then below are a few tips to take into consideration.

  1. When looking for a dog walker, pet sitter or boarding place, then it is best to try and find someone that has been recommended to you either by your dog trainer, a fellow dog owner, a friend or even a dog sitter who cannot help you at that time.
  2. Make sure that both you and your dog meet the person and that your furbaby likes them.
  3. When meeting the pet sitter or home boarder, If possible, make sure as well as the mobile number you have a landline number (I know not everyone has a landline nowadays). It is also good to have an address. If they are not willing to give it to you, then please think carefully about employing that person.
  4. If they have a website, make sure you check it out and follow any links to Facebook or other social media.  You may also consider a on the site to see the history and age of the site.  This gives you an idea of how long the dog walker/pet sitter has been in business.
  5. Make sure you ask to see their insurance. .At the end of the day, once the dog is in their care, they are liable if your dog causes an accident or injures someone.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask for references and follow them up
  7. Make sure that when your dog is in their care that they put I.D. tags with their mobile number on, name, house number and postcode.
  8. Do ask where your dog will be sleeping etc
  9. Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you want to. After all, you need to feel happy and relaxed that your four-legged friend is going to be treated as one of the family.
  10. Ideally, you should provide the food as a sudden change can cause upset stomachs.
  11. Make sure that your dogs’ vaccinations are up to date – including Kennel Cough.
  12. Make sure that the dog sitter has got contact numbers for you abroad as well as a contact in England.
  13. Consider setting up a WhatsApp group
  14. In the event of an emergency, your sitter will need to go straight to a vet to get treatment. Discuss this possibility. If vets fees are incurred whilst you are away think about how this can be managed.
Since 2018 anyone that offers home boarding requires to have a licence from their local council.


Please note that we do not offer home boarding just  Holiday care in your own home, along with cat feeding.  If this is the case then please contact me as I may be able to help.


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