Can you Really be Sure Who is Walking Your Dog?


Here at Finchleydogwalker, I have been asked many questions over the years but recently I was asked: “why should I pay you to walk my dog when I could use someone who just wants to borrow a dog for a while”?

I’ve noticed that there are websites springing up which, for a subscription fee, purport to put dog owners in touch with people who don’t own a dog but would like to have the company of a dog for an hour or so. On the face of it this seems like a reasonable idea but, like anything which seems like ‘a good idea at the time,’ it may have its drawbacks.

What are their motives for dog walking?

You need to ask why that person wants to spend time with a stranger’s dog and what experience have they had with dogs. It’s surprising the number of people who just want to ‘have a go’ – to use someone else’s beloved pooch as an experiment to see if they get on with dogs, or more worryingly if their young children would get on with a dog. I don’t know about you but I can see all kinds of trouble in this. In my case years of experience has taught me much about the needs of a dog; how they react around strangers or other dogs, or wildlife, and most importantly what to do if a dog gets into a fight or flight situation. Can you be sure that the stranger you meet on the internet has the same knowledge and experience, or are they clueless as what to do if your dog doesn’t behave  as they expect or is reactive?

And, I know I’m being a bit cynical here but, can you be sure the person who wants to look after your dog has told the truth about themselves in their initial application? Online profiles are so easy to make up and online verifications are not foolproof.

Safety is Paramount.

There could be several different people who want to borrow your dog for several different reasons but it may be difficult for your dog to acclimatise to all these different people and situations. At least with a professional dog walking/caring service like Finchley Dog Walker, you know exactly what you’re getting.

I am

  • Established in 2011
  • A member of NARPS UK 
  • Have free access to VetFone
  • Have Enhanced DBS
  • Fully insured via Pet  Business Insurance
  • Trained in first aid  – for people as well as dogs.
  • Recently done a DogWise course on dog law
  • Places contact numbers and dog track disk on dogs
  • On Facebook (also personal profile)
  • Happy to provide contact no and address

And more importantly, my only motive is to care for your dog as well as I care for my own (I own a Collie and a Speagle)

Here at Finchley Dog Walker, we offer bespoke dog walking including  One-to-one dog walking and multiple dog household walks in Finchley with basic obedience.  We are also pleased to say we have the full Backup and support of Tip Top Dog School

“Derek  is a rare breed and more than just a dog walker – a uniquely dedicated pet carer with dedication and commitment.”