Why do dogs like fox poo


Animals211 Why do dogs like fox poo

We all love our best friends and pretty much everything they do… but if we’re honest there’s a good chance some of their habits are not going to be on that list. From barking at traffic to chasing toddlers, most dogs will have one special trick we wished they didn’t. I’ll be tackling more of these as time progresses, but for now, I thought I’d share one of my pet hates…

Rolling in fox poo.

Now the jury’s out on why some dogs simply can’t resist a good old roll in this, the foulest of mucks. Not all dogs partake, so if you’re one of the lucky ones, please read on and share our pain. Behavioural experts, dog whisperers and the Internet, in general, have all come up with a good few explanations as to why our furry friends like a roll around in poo. Some say dogs use it to mask their scent in a bid to horn their dormant hunting skills, others suggest it might be a simple case of rebellion at being a little too clean and there are also those who believe that dogs who roll in fox poo are attempting to overwrite the scent with their own smell for territorial reasons. Whatever the cause is, there doesn’t appear to be a simple fix, but here are some suggestions to help you deal with the worst offenders.

1. Keep Off The Grass – Forewarned is forearmed, foxes are shy creatures and will usually, although not always, relieve themselves in longer grass and near bushes. If you can keep your dogs where you can see them it can only help you avoid them smelling like a zombie movie.

2. Freak on a Leash – If little Attila has a nasty habit of getting nasty, then consider going for a training lead in case he decides to roll with it.

3. Super Recall – There will be something they love more than a roll in the rankness. Find out what it is and keep it close at all times. Super smelly treats are a good deterrent and coupled with great recall, should help you keep the poo off the pooch.

4. Aversion Therapy – If you have no other choice, then carrying a water spray maybe able to help you keep your critters on the straight and narrow. This will only work if you can see what they are up to. If they have already rolled ,then the damage has been done.

5. Get used to it – If you love your dog as much as (s)he loves you, then you can forgive them the occasional midday shower. You don’t have to like the smell, but I doubt you’ll be able to stay angry at the little pest for long .

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