The credentials of a professional dog walker

Finchley Dog Walker, derek-finchley-dog-walker-169x300 The credentials of a professional dog walkerfirst and foremost, understands that your dog is more than just a pet!

I realise the utmost importance of my clients being confident that they will be leaving their pet in good hands. This is where my philosophy comes from – I always treat your pet as one of my own, when in my care. Happy, content dogs, result in happy owners. My aim is to ensure that your dog thoroughly enjoys his time with us and is entertained and exercised. My overall ethos is to offer a professional service to my customers that will ensure your peace of mind.

At Finchley Dog Walkers we acknowledge that there is more to walking dogs than may be immediately obvious to a pet owner. There is quite a difference between a professional, reliable, competent dog walking company than someone just throwing a lead on a couple of dogs and heading out for a walk. I am fully insured for all eventualities and registered with NARPS UK, the national body created to ensure that the escalating numbers of pet sitters and professional dog walkers adhere to strict codes of practice. I am also first aid qualified to attend to people and dogs, so rest assured, your dog is in very, safe hands.

Dog walking is at present, a mostly unregulated business, with an industry that allows unqualified, uninsured and inexperienced people to offer their services.
Working to legislation and guidelines

I have certain standards that I maintain at all times, within my dog walking and pet sitting business, and you, as an owner, can be confident that your dog will be cared for and happy while you are at work, on holiday, at a family event, and whenever you trust your pet into my care.

  • I maintain professional ethics and conduct, within the thresholds of my own authority, experience and competence
  • I comply with codes of practice regarding dog walking at all times
  • I observe national legislation and relevant animal welfare and health codes
  • I will agree the requirements for the exercise regime and the service provided with the customer
  • I will always evaluate the dog’s suitability against the owner’s requirements on the day of the walk, and if walking more than one dog, will assess their compatibility
  • I always handle the dog correctly during the walk, in a way that does not compromise the dog’s health and welfare. Dogs are monitored throughout the walk to note their mental and physical health
  • The dog will always be transported in a safe manner to comply with current legislation

My extensive knowledge and involvement with dogs embrace all temperaments and breed of dogs, no matter if they are energetic, large breeds or harmed rescue dogs. I believe that my canine experience has given me a valuable and personal insight into how the resulting relationship between a dog and its carer can have a mutual benefit, and I always ensure that the dogs I care for and walk, enjoy their life to its fullest by achieving their capabilities.

My principle is that a well-exercised, and well-trained dog is a content, happy dog.


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The credentials of a professional dog walker